Dekalb County traffic ticket amnesty thru April

DeKalb County is attempting to collect more than $70 million on traffic tickets that violators have ignored.

To encourage those who owe traffic ticket fines, April is amnesty month. Either pay the fine without added fees or lose your license.

Dekalb County, Georgia contains roughly 10 percent of the city of Atlanta (Fulton County contains the rest). Dekalb currently has about 500,000 outstanding tickets dating back to the 80’s. The bulk of them have accrued in the last 10 years.

Fail to show up by the end of the month and a warrant will be issued and your license suspended.

About 3400 of the hundreds of thousands of outstanding tickets have been resolved thus far.

If you have any questions about the amnesty, feel free to contact a Dekalb County traffic ticket attorney.

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