Mahwah, NJ Traffic Tickets Issued Electronically With New System

New electronic ticketing software has been installed in 15 of the Mahwah Township’s police department cars. Traffic tickets can now be written and issued in half the time it took manually.

The $45,000 software was purchased with money seized during criminal investigations.

Mahwah police issue an average of 4,500 to 5,000 traffic summonses a year.

The e-ticketing software prevents certain human errors as the majority of information included on the traffic ticket is retrieved directly from the state’s database. Moreover, the process of submitting a ticket to the record bureau and the court has been greatly simplified. It’s all electronic now. Prior to the new system, multiple copies were physically submitted to different parties.

The process of issuing traffic tickets for officers isn’t always safe. It’s a time and place for potential injuries. Any system which speeds that process as well as decreases the amount of clerical work associated with the process is a welcome one for police.

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