New California Driving School Law

Under the current California regulations, a driver can attend traffic school multiple times as a means to erase a traffic violation from the driving record. Attend traffic school and the charge will show on one’s record as “dismissed”.

Now, the new law AB 2499 changes this in a substantial way. A dismissal via traffic school attendance will be available to drivers only once every 18 months. Attend traffic school for a second or third or fourth time within the 18 month period and the driving record will now show a conviction, not a dismissed traffic citation.

The primary purpose behind the law is to let judges who are adjudicating a traffic ticket have better insight and more information concerning the quality of the defendant’s driving record. Before the law, the system in place was allowing persistent violators to have tickets dismissed without the courts knowing that they were indeed persistent violators.

Courts will now know, for example, if you are attending court in Los Angeles just a few weeks after you had a violation in San Diego County dismissed by attending traffic school.

Essentially, the days of beating the system by attending traffic school multiple times within an 18 month period are over. “This new law creates serious consequences for repeat offenders,” DMV Director George Valverde said in a statement.

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