South Carolina To Examine Automated Camera Summonses

As part of a law banning speed cameras and speeding tickets based on photographic evidence, a Traffic Enforcement Commission in South Carolina soon will be appointed to examine the ethical, legal and policy issues traffic cameras create.

The commission will consist of representatives from state government, law enforcement and the S.C. Bar and Criminal Defense Lawyers associations. The law calls for the commission to start meeting “as soon as practicable” and commission members will participate without compensation.

The commission is to consider more than 20 questions related to the use of traffic cameras. Questions include the constitutionality of mailing speeding tickets to alleged violators, whether the state can handle the increase in citations and fairly adjudicate them and whether the Department of Public Safety should be the only agency authorized to use the cameras.

The panel must report its findings to the legislature by Nov. 1 and will hopefully provide lawmakers with answers critical for determining the future of automated camera enforcement in South Carolina.

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