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Our experienced traffic ticket attorneys can help you with speeding tickets, red light summonses, DWI's, license suspensions and all other traffic law matters in Linn County, Kansas. Consultation is free and confidential. There's absolutely no obligation.

Our Service

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Linn County or have a related legal matter, TicketHELP will enable you to connect with a Linn County traffic ticket lawyer in the business of traffic law defense. You can call directly or submit an inquiry to a traffic ticket attorney in Linn County and get immediate feedback from a licensed attorney experienced in matters similar to yours. It's a great way to make sure you understand the potential consequences and are making good, informed decisions with respect to your case. TicketHELP services are 100% free and without obligation.

Free Consultation

Our goal is to enable TicketHELP users to consult for free with a local Linn County traffic ticket lawyer who is willing to provide free advice and information. We feel this type of consultation is a necessary first step as you discover the options available to you and understand what steps can be taken to fight and beat your Linn County speeding ticket or other traffic ticket. Whether you were cited in Linn County or elsewhere in Kansas, TicketHELP is a great place to start.

Lawyers serving Linn County, KS

Gigstad Law Office LLC
Robert Gigstad
Overland Park, KS
Gigstad Law Office LLC, Robert C. Gigstad, Attorney at Law. Office in Overland Park, Kansas. We handle speeding tickets, traffic tickets, DUI Defense, and Criminal Defense. Call our office today to speak with an attorney or lawyer about your case and receive a free 30 minute consultation. (913)735-9529

Law Office of Brandan Davies LLC
Brandan Davies
Overland Park, KS
Need help with a Speeding or Traffic ticket? If you have received a speeding ticket or a traffic ticket, it may cost you more than you think. Traffic tickets will be discovered by your insurance carrier and your premiums will increase. Additionally, traffic tickets or speeding tickets can cost you more than money. A tarnished driving record can cost you a potentially lucrative job. If tickets go completely unaddressed they could cost you your freedom altogether. I am a licensed attorney and I can take care of your traffic problems at an absolute minimum cost to you.

Kane Law Office, LLC
Brandon Kane
Kansas City, MO
At KCTicketLaw, our goal is to make the process Simple and Easy for you, Cost Effective, and Expedient, all while giving you the professional attention and friendly service that you deserve, resulting in the optimal outcome for you while protecting your driving record.​ We can represent you with: Speeding Tickets, DUI/DWI charges, no insurance, and almost all other traffic violations. Please contact us today at (816) 229-2708, by email at, or visit us at

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