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Attorney Listings for North Carolina

Fight Speeding Tickets in Charlotte, Raleigh

If you are convicted of a North Carolina speeding ticket or certain other North Carolina motor vehicle violations, driver license points are placed against your driving record. Accumulation of points can lead to mandatory completion of a driving clinic, increased automobile insurance rates and suspension of your privilege to drive in North Carolina. Understanding what your options are and how to proceed is important for anyone looking to minimize the damage that a traffic ticket in North Carolina can cause.

What is TicketHELP?

TicketHELP is a nationwide service that helps regular drivers find the information and resources they need to fight their traffic tickets and avoid suspensions, revocations and increased insurance costs. TicketHelp also lists experienced traffic ticket attorneys practicing in the state of North Carolina. If you feel you were cited a ticket unfairly, or if you are close to a license suspension, we encourage you to learn about the consequences of paying your ticket by reading our traffic law information. If you feel you need more information, contact one of our featured attorneys for a free consultation.

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