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Orange County, CA

The traffic violation lawyers named on our site regularly appear in the Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach Court and are happy to answer questions concerning speeding summonses, red light tickets, DUIs, driver license suspensions and all other driving and license related matters. When you contact a TicketHELP.com attorney there is never any obligation or consultation fee and all is completely confidential.

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If you have been issued a traffic ticket answerable to the Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach Court or have a related legal matter in the Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach Court, TicketHELP will enable you to quickly and easily connect with a lawyer who considers traffic law defense to be a significant part of their business and who has specific experience with Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach Court traffic matters. You can call directly, submit a simple inquiry or connect right to the firm website of a traffic ticket attorney and get immediate feedback on your matter in the Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach Court. It's a great way to make sure you understand the potential consequences and are making good, informed decisions with respect to your case.

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Our goal is to enable TicketHELP users to consult for free with a local Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach Court traffic ticket lawyer who is willing to provide free advice and information. We feel this type of consultation is a necessary first step as you discover the options available to you and understand what steps can be taken to fight and beat your Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach Court speeding ticket or other traffic ticket. Whether you are handling a matter in the Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach Court or elsewhere in California, TicketHELP is a great place to start.

Lawyers serving Harbor Justice Center - Newport Beach Court - Orange County, CA

Law Offices of Shaffer Cornell
Shaffer Cormell
Blythe, CA

Law Firm of Tait & Associates
Arthur Tait
West hollywood, CA
When you NEED to win, choose the Law Firm of Tait & Associates. We are California’s premier criminal traffic ticket defense firm. Personally managed by expert defense attorney Arthur Tait, we’ve successfully defended thousands of clients just like you by providing them with the highest quality legal representation and superior client services that you would expect from the very best. Mr. Tait has been featured in California Lawyer Magazine as well as in national and international news media for his exceptional defense efforts on behalf of our clients.

Farid Yadegar
Honesty and integrity with no pie in the sky promises... just a promise to do everything possible for the best possible outcome at the most reasonable price

Paul Denni, Attorney at Law
Paul Denni
Fullerton, CA
What starts out as a small traffic ticket can soon ripen into a huge mess. I'm a traffic ticket attorney devoted to helping you get your life on track, related to your traffic ticket and driver's license issues. Please contact me through my website at www.duiandtrafficattorney.com.

Vicken O. Berjikian, A Plc
Enna Berjikian
Glendale, CA
Handle all tickets, DUIs, (misdemeanor and felony), hit-and-run, DMV hearings,FTAs, warrants and suspended licenses. Most of the time we can get your traffic ticket dismissed or reduced to a no-point ticket. High success rate on criminal cases.

Law Office of Randall T. Longwith
Randall Longwith
Fullerton, CA
Aggressive and Experienced Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer, Mr. Longwith will Fight for You. Don't Settle. You Deserve the Best. Call today.

Steve Miller
Westlake Village, CA
Avoid high fines, costly points on your insurance or countless hours spent in mind numbing traffic school. We'll Help you Beat Any California Speeding Ticket, Red Light Ticket or Other Traffic Ticket! TicketBust.com, a Better Business Bureau, Accredited Business with an A+ rating, assists drivers with fighting speeding tickets and other traffic tickets by using proven legal methods. One such method—Trial By Written Declaration- We can help you with your Traffic Ticket, Please Call Us ASAP 800-850-8038 – Receive your FREE Glove Box Folder and Ticketbust.com Keychain

Law Offices of Sherman M. Ellison & Associates
Sherman Ellison
Sherman Oaks, CA
We are hands down the best solution for California residents or persons with a California traffic ticket who are seeking information regarding any kind of traffic violation. We specialize in speeding and red light violations, misdemeanor traffic violations as well as DMV matters and issues. You are sure to find the professional California Traffic Ticket Attorney services that will meet your needs just by contacting us for a FREE consultation. The majority of ALL cases that we handle end with successful results for our clients. We have a 90% case dismissal rate.

CheapTrafficAttorneys.com JohnJPearson, Esq.
Culver City, CA
OVER 80 FIVE STAR REVIEWS ON YELP! CheapTrafficAttorneys (Culver City, CA) Affordable Traffic Ticket Representation By An Experienced Traffic Attorney And Former Police Officer. Don't Waste Your Time In Court, We Go To Court For You To Get That Ticket Dismissed! Thousands Of Traffic Violations Dismissed!

Law Offices of Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts
Westlake Village, CA
I have been practicing law since 1978. I represent individuals and businesses throughout the world with their personal needs and problems from personal injury matters to criminal actions felonies and misdemeanors- including traffic/speeding tickets. If you have failed to appear in court on a matter or have a suspended license call me. I am aggressive about resolving matters before they explode-however will become a fierce litigator when necessary. My consultations are free.

Law Office of Mark A. Gallagher
Mark Gallagher
Los Angeles, CA
The Law Office of Mark A. Gallagher focuses on traffic ticket and criminal defense matters throughout Southern California. Our lawyers specialize in handling DUI matters, suspended license issues, and tickets in collections. We can also help clear failures to appearr and quash bench and arrest warrants. Most cases can be resolved without the need for the client to appear in court. We also handle all juvenile court and criminal matters from traffic tickets to seriuos felonies. Over 10 years of experiences in ALL Southern California courts. 800-797-8406

Konstantin Gurovich
Sherman Oaks, CA
The TrafficLawyersLA.com has assembled experienced attorneys to ensure best service for our clients. We handle speeding tickets, suspended licenses, and D.U.I., bench warrants, Failure to appears and all other types of criminal and traffic citations. WE PROVIDE OUR CLIENTS WITH AFFORDABLE AGGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION.

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