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New NY Move Over Law Into Effect On January 1 2012


Last year, NY introduced it’s “move over” law to protect police officers and other emergency workers from the dangers of passing vehicles while working roadside (move over law NY).  Now New York’s “move over law” is being expanded as of New Year’s Day to include tow trucks, other emergency vehicles and highway crews.

The law requiring drivers to shift lanes when approaching flashing police lights will now include flashing amber lights as well.

Drivers must slow down when and where it isn’t safe for them to actually change lanes and move over.

Just last month, Kevin Woloszyn was driving in Cattaraugus County on Interstate 90 when his truck broke down. The tow truck driver who responded was killed when a tractor trailer hit him.  It’s a said reminder of the dangers of working roadside and stories like these are the inspiration for the original (and now the expanded) version of the law.

It’s pretty simple from a driver’s perspective.  If you see activity on the side of the road, proceed with caution.  Move over and out of the way if you can, slow down if you cannot.

Scott Feifer