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20 points from one car stop?

This case was in the Barker Town Court in Broome County. Our client was charged with:

  • Failing to stop at a stop sign (3 points)
  • Failing to keep right (3 points)
  • Failing to yield to an emergency vehicle (3 points)
  • Speeding 115mph in a 65mph zone (11 points)

Retention of our client’s privilege to drive was our number one goal. His particular job depended on it. Thus, we approached the District Attorney’s office with a proposal to structure a plea bargain that brought our client down to 14 points. We knew if we could get to 14 that he could then subtract 4 more points thanks to completion of an Accident Prevention course and would end up with 10 points total. DMV will issue a suspension order at 11 points—thus our goal to get to 10 or less.

Ultimately (after a few months of back and forth) we were able to convince the District Attorney to reduce the speed to 105/65 and to dismiss altogether the failure to yield to an emergency vehicle ticket. This brought the total down to 14 and his privilege was saved.

Fines and mandatory state surcharges were quite high.

I know people will think we didn’t do our job here (14 points!). However, we need to be realistic. Our client could easily have been sentenced to jail time. He could easily have lost his license and paid significantly more than he ultimately did in fines and surcharges.

When someone is issued 20 points worth of tickets at once, it’s not realistic to expect to get out of it with no damages whatsoever. It can happen but it’s not realist to expect it to happen. We handled this client’s case the way we handle all our cases. We looked at the charges, the court in question, our client’s driving history and his particular goals. We came up with an agreed upon strategy and got what we set out to get. Despite the 10 points, we consider this an example of a successful outcome.

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