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15 Jun2009

NY Speeding Ticket Points System

Points for a New York Speeding Ticket range from 3 to 11. The number of points put on your NY drivers license depends on how many mph over the limit you were driving–not your actual speed.

Speeding ticket NY points:

3 pts
An unspecified “unreasonable” speed
1-10 over the speed limit

11-20 over the speed limit

21-30 over the speed limit

31-40 over the speed limit

41+ over the speed limit

Two important notes on speeding tickets in NYC. The posted NYC speed limit is never higher than 50 mph and in areas where no speed limit is posted it’s automatically 30 mph. These are worth noting when discussing NYC speeding tickets.

Also note that one big speed (41+) is enough to result in suspension of a NY driver license and one single mid level speed (21+) is enough to subject a driver to large state assessments.

Considering the penalties and potential insurance increases, all New York speeding tickets should be handled carefully. If you have received a speeding ticket, our lawyers are here to help. Contact one of our speeding ticket lawyers today.

Submitted by NY speeding ticket attorney Scott Feifer