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23 Jun2009

NYS TVB bond payments for NYC traffic tickets now due next day.

In many Traffic Violation Bureau (TVB) cases, the majority of which are traffic tickets in NYC, the Judge will require payment of a $40 cash bond on a ticket. It’s a refundable deposit and, as long as a motorist shows for court on the next hearing date, it will be returned.

For years, NY traffic ticket attorneys complained that this bond payment had to be paid in cash on the same day it was requested by the Judge. If it wasn’t, a motorist’s license would be suspended at midnight that night.

We are happy to report the efforts in getting this rule changed have finally paid off. Bond payments are now due the following day. This significantly cuts down the number of suspensions based on failure to pay the bond on time.

If you have any questions about what a bond is or why it may be required, feel free to contact our firm any time.

Submitted by NYC traffic lawyer Matthew Greenberg