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30 Mar2017

Unpaid Ticket in Ohio Leads to Consequences

Some people make the choice not to pay a traffic ticket. They assume that it may catch up with them one day, but assume that they will only be made to pay the ticket. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for an Ohio woman who failed to pay a ticket she received in June 2014.

While for many, a traffic citation is annoying, for the northern Ohio woman, it was simply not in her budget. In the jurisdiction in which she was cited, the woman would have been made to pay the fine, court costs and other fees, totaling $190. Raising her son and supporting herself on $1,800 a month made coming up with close to $200 impossible.

As a result of failing to pay her ticket, the woman was taken for quite a ride over three years. Her driver’s license was ultimately suspended, resulting in two citations for driving under suspension, she was faced with hundreds of dollars in fines, and she even spent a night behind bars. All this over a traffic citation.

The woman’s case has prompted reformists and advocates to speak up. For some low-income families, a traffic ticket can quickly spiral into consequences that don’t fit the crime. At a certain point, people face license suspensions which can severely impact their ability to work, attend appointments or even take proper care of their children.

Judges, say reformists, need to come up with a way to forgive fines and fees for low-income offenders. There is something wrong, say some, when a simple unaffordable traffic ticket snowballs into multiple charges, suspensions, exorbitant fines and nights spent in jail.

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