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Melinda Zou Scholarship Recipient
16 Jun2020

Melinda Zou Wins TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship

Feifer & Greenberg, LLC is proud to announce that Melinda Zou has been awarded the 2020 Safe Driver Scholarship, worth $1,000.

Melinda is a graduating senior headed to UC Berkeley next fall (or to UC Berkeley’s Zoom University online). Her family member’s ill-fate encounter with a distracted driver has been a memory she will never forget. Since then, she has used her platform to advocate for change. During high school, she was president of numerous student clubs including Junior State of America and Harvard Model Congress. The underlying message of all her activities emphasized student leadership and the power of students to change their communities for the better. Whether spreading awareness through campaigns aimed to decrease the number of distracted drivers on our roads, or supporting legislation that targets distracted driving, Melinda has been fortunate to have the chance to make a difference. She recognizes the obscenely large number of lives that are taken away from distracted driving each year, and lives every day thankful, just for being alive. She hopes to use her blessings of simply being alive to help in decreasing the amount of accidents that happen due to distracted driving.

Melinda hopes to continue to grow as a person, and recognizes that there is so much more to learn and discover about herself and the world. She is excited for the opportunities ahead, and is grateful for the TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship from  Feifer & Greenberg LLP.  Ever since sophomore year, she has worked at a fast-food restaurant to help pay for high school fees. While she has recently lost her job due to COVID, the support from Feifer & Greenberg LLP will aid her greatly in UC Berkeley where she will study Political Science. Shaped from her personal experiences, Melinda hopes that her studies will lead to a career in public policy where she can continue to make a difference. She cannot thank Feifer and Greenberg enough for giving her this opportunity to pursue her studies in college.