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15 Jul2020

NYC Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) Set for Limited July 20 Opening. Other Courts Slowly Processing Cases.

NYC Traffic Tickets

The Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) which handles NYC cases is set to start opening next week.  The schedule for reopening offices is as follows:

  • Queens North and Queens South offices on 7/20/20
  • Bronx and Richmond (Staten Island) offices on 7/27/20
  • Brooklyn North, Brooklyn South, Manhattan North and Manhattan South offices on 8/3/20

On a conference call this morning with the TVB’s head administrative judge, we learned the following just regarding the initial Queens openings:

  • Only those with hearing dates scheduled will be allowed to enter
  • Must wear a mask
  • No temperature will be taken
  • You’ll need to wait online outside and there will be some kind of check in process from there
  • Police officers will be appearing and testifying via a telephone call, not in person as usual
  • Many cases will still be rescheduled in advance of the hearing date in an attempt to keep volume lower than usual

Procedures may change in Queens or may be different in the other courts as they slowly open.  Much of this is a fluid situation and longer term procedures will depend partly on how the short term goes and partly on how the virus situation continues to play out.

If you are currently a client of ours or otherwise have an attorney, you should really not bother attending court unless your attorney has advised you to do so in a situation where your appearance is likely to increase your chances of success.  This is only a select few cases in our experience.  Now more than ever you’d want to take advantage of having an attorney and not attending court.

If you were looking to walk into court to get information on a ticket or fix an old issue or perform some other task or speak to an attorney about something other than a case on that day and time, don’t bother trying.  They won’t let you in.  You’ll need to visit the DMV website and search for their particular public numbers and emails as they make them available to fix issues on your own and/or contact attorneys directly if you are looking to consult with or hire someone.  There are many different situations and various solutions the DMV is trying to provide if you are handling a matter on your own.  Some problems may be slightly easier to fix now; some likely harder.

Local Village, Town, City Traffic Tickets

Outside NYC, everything is still on a court by court basis.  With the virus mostly under control at the moment throughout New York, it’s not about hot spots anymore as much as it’s about the particular court, their staffing issues, their caseload, availability of officers, etc.  Some courts are slowly opening, some offering more options by mail or online, some are offering different options to attorneys and unrepresented motorists, some are just still closed “indefinitely”…  There’s no one answer with these.  If you are handling a matter on your own outside NYC and have any questions, you should try contacting the court directly or taking a look at the county or court website to see if any updates are posted.  If you have an attorney, of course speak with them about the matter.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us to discuss.  We always offer free consults but have answered more questions than usual lately as we understand a much of the traffic violation adjudication process is up in the air lately.