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Feifer & Greenberg, LLP
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Your office is in NYC. How do you handle cases statewide?

We have organized a statewide network of attorneys. In our network are both attorneys who work for Feifer & Greenberg and attorneys who work for other firms that regularly provide of-counsel representation to our clients. This statewide network allows us to match clients in a particular county or court with local attorneys who regularly appear on similar matters in the same county or court. It enables us to help clients anywhere in New York State and in our opinion provide particularly effective and affordable representation for our clients. Local attorneys can draw on their particular local experiences and, with travel time and expense removed from the equation, help us keep our legal fees low.

Do you guarantee results?

We can only guarantee that we will provide the best possible client service and legal representation. We can’t guarantee results. These are legal proceedings and we can’t promise you that every case will end in our favor. We will always honestly assess your case (both good and bad) and set realistic expectations during your consultation. We’ll discuss our goals and objectives but no attorney can ever guarantee how a case will conclude.

Should I just pay my ticket or should I fight?

We recommend fighting almost all tickets. Even if the current NY traffic tickets aren’t particularly harmful, you have an incentive to keep your record clean for the future. Convictions quickly lead to surcharges, insurance increases and other complications. You should strongly consider any decision to pay a ticket without fighting.

How can our traffic ticket lawyers help you?

Our lawyers are experienced, prepared attorneys who understand the nuances of fighting traffic tickets. Experience, preparation and good decision making help us to help our clients avoid points, surcharges, insurance increases and the other negatives that can easily result from a traffic ticket.

Do I even need a traffic lawyer?

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Do I need to be there?

In most cases no. There are some exceptions where a client is required to appear on a matter or where we recommend it. If we need you in court we’ll let you know.

Will there be a trial?

If it is a local court and plea bargaining is an option, it is unlikely for a NY traffic attorney to proceed to trial. In most cases a successful plea bargain is negotiated. In the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) there is no plea bargaining and all contested TVB traffic tickets proceed to trial.

How do you win a hearing at the TVB? Don’t they just believe the officer?

We try not to let a TVB hearing come down to a client’s word versus an officer’s word. Judges are indeed likely to believe the officer. Instead, we understand that an officer must testify and offer some very specific testimony (the “elements” of the charge). Attorneys look for omissions or contradictions on the part of the officer with respect to this necessary information and use these “problems” with the case as a basis for a dismissal of the charges.

What is my defense? How can you fight the case without me there?

There is no “defense” so to speak, no magic argument that makes tickets go away. Successful arguments are found by listening to the officer testify, asking questions and reviewing his notes. We don’t need a client in court to say they “weren’t speeding” or “had to go to the bathroom”, etc. We know these arguments don’t work so we encourage you to stay home and save the time and expense of standing in court with us

Can I simply pay a fine but get no points or reduced points?

In the local courts, reductions are possible. Most cases are reduced via plea bargain.

A point reduction in the TVB is not a possibility. There is no plea bargaining. Either you pay the ticket and plead guilty to the original charge or you plead “not guilty” and have a hearing. The outcome of any hearing on any individual ticket will always be “all” (guilty with the points and fine that come with the ticket) or “nothing” (no points, no fine). No judge or DMV official can “waive” the points. They come attached to the particular violation. This is a TVB policy. If you or a friend went to court and were offered a reduction on a traffic ticket it was absolutely not in the TVB.

Why would a prosecutor in a local case offer me a lower charge? What’s my argument?

You don’t necessary need an argument. Most jurisdictions plea bargain matters to help manage a caseload and avoid long, costly trials. Most prosecutors are happy to quickly dispose of a matter (and still collect some fine money). The big question usually isn’t whether we’ll get an offer to plea to a lesser charge but how much of an offer we’ll get.

Why should I hire Feifer & Greenberg?

We start with the free consultation and continue until your case is completed. Along the way, you will find outstanding client service from our entire staff. We are always available to answer your questions and are intent on keeping you informed throughout. And, of course, experienced NY traffic ticket attorneys deliver outstanding results. We are focused on creating a simple, stress-free and successful experience. We consider ourselves a complete law firm.

If I get points on my record, how long do they last?

Points last for 18 months from the date of offense. Insurance companies will hold offenses against you for a longer period; up to 36 months


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Christopher C.

You guys have been a pleasure to deal with and I will certainly recommend your services - point speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation

Adam S.

Outstanding. I was expecting the worst and now I find out months later that we won. Really cool. Drinks on me! Disobey Traffic Device dismissed.

Adam S.


I received notice that my case was heard in Queens County and that both summonses were dismissed. To say the least, I was extremely happy. Speed and failure to signal dismissed.



Thank you so much Scott. I have been very impressed with your service and common sense. Criminal misdemeanor reduced to a violation.


David M.

Please thank everyone for their excellent representation in this case. 4 point speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation.

David M.

Joseph E.

Tell the gang I cannot THANK them enough! I said I would double the fee so let me know who to make check out to!!!! – 70/55 dismissed

Joseph E.