WE ARE OPEN and closely monitoring the court closures and COVID-19 situation. Click here for more information regarding existing cases and other license issues.
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05 May2020

Coronavirus and Traffic Violations

We continue to receive many calls from clients with questions about how the court closures may affect their case or their driver license status.  As of May 1, 2020, here’s what we know:

  • The NYC traffic courts (the Traffic Violations Bureau) closed as of 3/18/20 and remain closed “indefinitely” as the country and NYS in particular try to figure out how to “open” back up and what the rules and safest procedures will be.  If you have a hearing date that is changed due to the court closure you already have been or will be notified by our firm and the DMV.
  • If you are facing a deadline for suspension on a NYC traffic matter, the general rule is if it can be fixed by mail or online we will still be required to (and will want to) take the steps necessary to satisfy the deadline.  If an in person appearance is necessary, the deadline to appear should be pushed back by the court until the court is reopened.  We have successfully petitioned the courts to allow us to fix some matters remotely while court is closed and that has been helpful to many of our clients.
  • Traffic courts outside NYC all operate independently and any open matters in these courts are handled on a case by case basis.  Most courts remain closed and are rescheduling matters.  Some are allowing for some mail correspondence (albeit at a slow pace) while courts are closed.  If you have such a case with our firm, rest assured we are monitoring it.

As far as driving on the roads during all this…

  • Please be careful.  There have been numerous news items regarding breaking the record for the Cannonball Run (yes, that’s a real thing) and drivers in general taking advantage of the unusually empty roads.  Don’t be one of those people and be wary that there are such people out there.
  • The NYS Police just announced that they will start issuing summonses on a regular basis again.  This is partly due to the number of high speeds and other incidents they’ve seen recently and likely partly due to the fact that they, like everyone else, are starting to dip their toes into moving forward again.  With fewer cars on the road and a state itching to make up for lost revenue, even the smallest infractions might be in play so keep that in mind as you start moving around in your vehicle again.

If you have any questions about a case we are working on or need answers or help on another open matter or situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are open for business, fully staffed, working from our homes and available at our regular business phone and/or email addresses.