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07 Jan2022

I received a traffic ticket for speeding in a work zone. What do I do?

a traffic ticket for speeding in a work zoneIf you received a traffic ticket for speeding in a work zone, you may be unsure what to do next. Is it the same as getting any other type of traffic ticket? 

Due to the weight that a traffic violation in a work zone can have, you should never pay the fine without knowing the consequences. Speak to a car accident attorney to ensure you understand the impact that acknowledging your guilt can have on your long-term driving record. 

TicketHelp is here to help. We know that speeding in a work zone can cost you in insurance premiums and driving limitations to come, but it doesn’t have to. Call us today to get help beating your fine.


What is a work zone?

A work zone or work area is defined as that  part of a highway being used or occupied for

the conduct of highway work, within which workers, vehicles,  equipment, materials, supplies, excavations, or other obstructions are present.  These areas have posted speed limits that are slower than the usual limit to allow for the safety of the workers in the work zone.


Why are work zone tickets significant?

A traffic ticket in a work zone is considered a serious violation because it potentially puts the lives of the workers at risk. 

You will receive points on your license based on how far over the speed limit you were going. These points can affect your insurance, can lead to large points based driver assessments and can even lead to a suspension of your license.

Traffic ticket fines tend higher in work zones and courts can be a little more stubborn overall regarding incidents in work zones.  These are deterrents to ensure that people slow down appropriately. 


What do I do if I received a traffic ticket for speeding in a work zone?

When you are issued a traffic ticket for speeding in a work zone, you may think you only have one course of action: paying the ticket.

However, you actually have other options. When you pay the fine, you are pleading guilty to the charge and impacting your license long-term.

Traffic tickets issued in work zones require a court appearance to either negotiate a favorable plea bargain or fight the summons on a scheduled hearing date. Hire a skilled New York traffic violation lawyer to help you fight the charge and keep one mistake from ruining your driving record no matter where in NY State you may receive the ticket.

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