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license suspended need to get to work
18 Feb2022

My license is suspended, but I need to get to work. Can I drive?

If your license is suspended but you need to get to work or school or care for a family member or otherwise use your car for necessary purposes, it can definitely be a stressful situation.  Sometimes it can be difficult to simply figure out why you are suspended and/or what you will need to do to lift the suspension.  A driving record will certainly offer some information but not all–calls or visits to courts or the DMV might be necessary and this can be difficult to navigate.   

Some suspensions can be lifted relatively quickly and easily by taking some action that you have failed to thus far take.  Get a ticket and fail to respond on time and you’ll remain suspended until you do.  Have an old fee or fine or surcharge that’s overdue?  You may remain suspended until you pay.  When you are suspended for situations like this, the DMV does not offer any opportunity to drive at all.  In situations like these, the DMV will instruct you to just take whatever action needs to be taken and then you’ll be cleared to drive.

What about situations where you cannot take some action to lift the suspension because the suspension is set to last a certain specific amount of time?  For example, three speeding violations in 18 months and drivers face a 6 month revocation period.  Uninsured operation conviction is a 1 year revocation.  People who accumulate too many points on their license (generally 11 or more) can be facing various suspension periods depending on how many points, what the violations were for and which judge might be determining the suspension period. There are also alcohol/drug related situations where someone might be suspended after an arraignment with their case pending or after a conviction.

In situations like those above, where a driver is just waiting out a time period for the suspension or revocation to end, a hardship, conditional or restricted use license might be the solution that will enable you to drive for limited purposes only. 

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What is a hardship license?

If a driver in NY is arrested for a drug or alcohol driving related incident, a judge at a criminal arraignment may suspend the driving privileges pending prosecution of the case.  A hardship license is a limited temporary privilege potentially granted to people in this position and will enable the individual to drive again under certain restrictions put in place by the court.  

There is no guarantee every person will be granted such a license.  A hardship hearing must be held at the court and the judge will determine if the complete loss of driving privileges will result in an “extreme hardship”.

What is a conditional license?

If a driver has been suspended or revoked because of an alcohol or drug-related conviction, the DMV may issue a conditional use license.  The driver will be required to attend a DMV approved Imparied Driver Program (IDP) (formerly known as the Drinking Driving Program or DDP).

What is a restricted license?

A restricted use license is like a conditional license for drivers whose license is suspended or revoked for non alcohol or drug related incidents.  Too many points on a license would be a typical reason someone might apply for a restricted use license.  The DMV will determine eligibility for restricted use licenses.  

What if I’m suspended in NY and have an out of state license?

Some out of state licensed drivers may need to drive in NY as much as a NY licensed driver might.  People who commute from neighboring states would be a typical example of such a driver.  Fortunately, these drivers (if suspended in NY as a result of various incidents in NY) will be eligible for these limited driving privileges as well.  

Getting Legal Help from TicketHelp

The attorneys at TicketHelp can assist you in figuring out why you are suspended and whether there is some option to either clear the suspension or drive with limited privileges for essentials like school, work, medical care, etc.  Contact Feifer & Greenberg today if you have any questions about a suspension or revocation and getting back on the road as quickly as possible.