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18 May2022

​​What is a surcharge on a traffic ticket in NY?

Drivers who violate traffic laws and are convicted of traffic violations will be subjected to certain direct monetary penalties as a result.  These include:

  • Fines set by the individual court;
  • DMV assessments based on the number of points accumulated on a license;
  • Mandatory surcharges set by the state

Penalties can also include license suspensions and/or employment issues if too many points are accumulated and of course insurance increases but these aren’t direct government fines/fees that will be incurred in every case where there’s a conviction.

What is a surcharge on a traffic ticket?

If you are convicted of a criminal or quasi criminal matter in NYS, a surcharge will be due on top of any fine assessed.  Felonies and misdemeanors will have slightly higher surcharges where traffic violations currently come with a mandatory surcharge of either $88 or $93 depending on where the violation occurred and which court is handling the matter.  

Surcharges will generally be directed towards crime victim assistance funds, funds which pay for court appointed attorneys (public defenders) and the state’s general fund.

Traffic Ticket Cost

When you receive a traffic ticket, it’s always important to make sure you have a good handle on what the overall potential cost of the ticket might be prior to making any decision to just plead guilty and pay the ticket.  

If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket for a NYS traffic violation, most times there will be very little information regarding the potential overall costs. Unfortunately, it’s not in the court’s interest to advertise all the potential expenses and issues on the ticket as this would likely lead to more and more people contesting the charges. In all fairness, there can be different “costs” to different people based on the violation, the driving record, their age or employment status, etc.– the face of the ticket itself could never cover all that information.  

Just keep in mind when considering what the ticket may cost that it’s not only a “fine” in play.  Surcharges, insurance, assessments, employment issues..all are possible “costs” of a conviction.  

Recent changes in the law allow for payment plans on the fines and surcharges due.

The important takeaway is to make sure you have a handle on all the potential costs involved before ever pleading guilty to the charge when a not guilty plea is a viable option.  

Feifer & Greenberg can help you understand your options and represent you in court if that is ultimately in your best interests. 

Hiring an Attorney to Fight a New York Speeding Ticket

If you’re issued a traffic ticket in New York, sometimes it’s worth hiring an attorney to help you fight it.  NYC traffic violation lawyers Feifer & Greenberg may be able to help if you’ve received a ticket anywhere in New York.  We cover every county in the state and are happy to discuss your case and answer any questions you may have about a traffic violation.

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