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19 Dec2017

ACLU Says Quotas May Be In Effect in Rhode Island

The ACLU has honed in on a number of states and is claiming that some police departments are either recommending or expressly requiring that their officers issue a specific number of traffic citations while they are on duty. In other words, the police departments have quotas.

Rhode Island is just one of the states that has been warned regarding the prospect of legal action if the practice is continued. The state itself has laws in place that prohibit this practice. According to the group, quotas undermine the purpose of police work and encourage public cynicism of law enforcement as a whole.

During a normal shift, police officers are given the choice of who to pull over. They may notice someone speeding, fail to use a turn signal, run through a red signal, etc.  When quotas are initiated, police have little to no autonomy and may be incentivized to pull over people they otherwise would not have stopped. The group says that this can lead to racial profiling and statistics do support the contention that people of color are already pulled over more often across the nation. The ACLU says that the continuance of a quota system will only worsen this problem.

If you have been pulled over in New York and accused of committing a traffic violation, we can help you work through your options.  Feel free to call our team of experienced traffic ticket attorneys and we’re happy to provide an open and honest case assessment.