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Feifer & Greenberg, LLP |
(888) 842 - 5384 (TicketHELP)

Always an affordable, reliable service at Feifer & Greenberg, LLP

Our relationship with you goes well beyond an hour or two in court. From initial consultation through case conclusion, our focus is on good communication, preparation experienced decision making and quality results. With thirteen years in the traffic ticket business, we have fine tuned our procedures, leveraged technology and trained our staff to ensure that we provide you with a complete NY traffic ticket experience.

During your initial free consultation, we answer your questions and help you make an informed decision concerning your individual situation. We will let you know exactly what you will pay for our service and we are confident you will find our flat fees quite fair. For those who continue as clients, we provide a complete Introduction Package specific to the individual case. We want you to know who to contact with questions and what to expect moving forward. Your experience with us should be as stress-free as possible.

Prior to your scheduled court appearance or hearing date, your case manager will review your file. We ensure paperwork is in order, review your case description and any particular facts that may be important for your defense. We’ll contact you if there are any questions or concerns. We want you in the best position possible as your day in court approaches.

Your defense will require decision making and we plan to leverage our legal knowledge and specific experience in your particular court to your advantage. We evaluate your entire case and make informed decisions based on your goals and best interests. Our experience is key as we work to maximize your chances of success.

Customer Service
Each client is assigned a personal case manager. We are available each day to answer any questions about your case and we will respond as quickly as possible to every message and email. We consider communication a big part of client service. Communication includes providing answers to your questions, delivery of a Case Update after a court appearance and a Closing Report after our final appearance. We want you to know if further action is necessary and provide you with any other final information pertinent to your particular case.