Car explodes, gets parking ticket

His taxi caught on fire and he ended up with a parking ticket for blocking the road.

During the latest big snowstorm last week, the driver was stuck in the snow.  He gave the car some gas, some more gas and some more gas in an effort to free the … Read More

What NOT to do with your traffic ticket

Clients and potential clients ask us all the time about how to handle a NY traffic ticket, about points on their license, about suspensions, out of state tickets, etc.

If you want advice on how to handle a speeding ticket, NY driver license or any other related issue, feel … Read More

Good excuses will rarely justify speeding

A man in New Hampshire was recently rushing to the hospital with his wife who was on the verge of giving birth.

When he saw a police car behind him trying to pull him over, he didn’t want to stop. He called 911 to let them know why he was … Read More

Toys for traffic tickets program discontinued

A New Haven, Connecticut Superior Court program that allowed people to get out of minor traffic tickets by donating a toy to charity won’t be continued next year.

The program was reviewed and the decision to end it made after one resident questioned whether the program was unfairly coercing ticket … Read More

Pay people to NOT speed?

In January, a man named Kevin Richardson won Volkswagen’s The Fun Theory, a contest for ideas to make obeying speed-limits fun. Now, less than a year later, his entry is in use in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kevin’s idea is very simple.  Record vehicles that enter enforcement zones at or under … Read More

The traffic ticket “overpayment myth”

I’ve read it various places online and been asked by friends and clients on numerous occasions whether it’s true.

It’s the “overpayment” myth.  And the answer is NO, it is not true.

Here’s a version of it I found from a quick search online:

A police officer confirmed this for

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More red light cameras and higher traffic ticket fees for Nassau County?

Just a heads up Long Island..

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano was in Albany recently to lobby for financial help for the county.

He met with lawmakers twice, as recently as Dec 7, to discuss ways to increase county revenue.

Included in that conversation was the possibility of more red … Read More