TVB is getting serious with NYC seat belt and cell phone tickets.

From what we’ve seen lately, it appears that the DMV may be encouraging judges at the TVB to crack down on drivers who continue to ignore seat belt and cell phone laws.

Both violations carry no points. In the past, we routinely told potential and existing clients not to bother … Read More

NYPD traffic agent issues traffic ticket for no good reason

On June 14, Queens Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens) observed an NYPD Traffic Agent, Daniel Chu, speeding through a stop sign with his police lights flashing. Halloran tailed Chu and stopped to snap photos of him parked illegally in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts in Whitestone, Queens. Chu yelled at Halloran … Read More

Suffolk County officers get high and issue traffic tickets

Traffic enforcment in Suffolk County (Long Island), NY may soon involve the use of airplanes.

The county sheriff’s office is testing the use of a small plane to spot bad drivers.

It’s just a trial program right now.  Last Friday, a plane flew low over the Long Island Expressway.  Spotters … Read More

Do I need a traffic ticket lawyer in NY?

New York traffic ticket attorneys

Many people will ask whether they need a traffic ticket lawyer to assist with their case. There is no quick answer–every case is different.

Your free consultation with our firm is your opportunity to better assess and understand your particular situation and determine whether you … Read More

Beat a NY traffic ticket

It’s the answer everyone wants when they call or email.  How do I beat my traffic ticket?  Here’s my general response:

1.  Consider which court system you are in.  It is either a local NY traffic court, where plea bargaining–a reduction of the original charge–is an option or it’s the … Read More

Rockland County speeding tickets on Route 304

Speeding tickets are up along Route 304 in Clarkstown.  Watch your speed…particularly where the speed limit dips to 35 MPH in the New City – Bardonia area.

Why is this noteworthy?

One, it’s a good example of how the speed limit can vary on a single roadway.  Sections of Route … Read More

Doctor gets a flashing red light ticket in NYC and claims medical emergency.

When is a medical emergency enough of a situation to excuse disobeying a NYC flashing red light?

Unless you are driving an emergency vehicle, disobeying an flashing red light–and almost all other New York moving violations–is unlikely to be justified based on a medical emergency.

Dr. Herz is a medical … Read More

Buffalo ticket war

I have a feeling this story will make people happy.

City parking enforcement officers in Buffalo, NY (Erie County), who issue the orange- colored parking tickets we all hate to see when we get back to our parked car, have themselves been issued numerous New York traffic tickets recently.

Buffalo … Read More

Sec. 1110(a) Disobey Traffic Control Device in New York.

Many New York traffic tickets are issued for Disobey Traffic Control Device and many people ask us what exactly constitues a “traffic control device”.

§ 153 of the VTL defines a traffic control device as follows:  All signs, signals, markings, and devices not inconsistent with this chapter placed or erected … Read More

NY speeding tickets issued from space?

Coming soon…speed enforcement from space?

The UK is currently testing new technology that combines GPS from satellite with ground-based license plate reading.

Camera’s on the ground can read plate numbers in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, are “low-cost” and are relatively easy to install.  GPS can then track … Read More