Nassau County and Suffolk County teens pledge not to text and drive

Nearly 1,700 high school students on Long Island recently pledged not to text and drive. It was part of a nationwide awareness campaign about the dangers of texting and distracted driving.

After hearing a presentation that texting while driving is like driving with your eyes closed, 875 students at Bethpage … Read More

Parking Ticket grace period unlikely to make a difference.

The NYC City Council approved a bill on Monday (11/16/09) that would provide a five-minute grace period to drivers who are late to feed a muni-meter or move their cars on street-cleaning days.  The five-minute period would apply to muni-meters, which control parking spaces and issue a receipt stating the … Read More

Route 17 NY speeding tickets

Between 2006 and 2008, 553 tickets were issued for speeding at 100 mph or higher in Orange County, Sullivan County and Ulster County.

Almost half of those were issued on State Route 17.

In comparison, police issued 160 tickets to drivers of 100 mph or more on the Thruway, and … Read More

Some thoughts on traffic in NY

According to the 2009 Urban Mobility Report, we spend 4.2 billion hours sitting in traffic each year.

That’s a lot of hours.  In case you are curious, that adds up to the total number of hours in the entire lifetime of approximately 6,244 men.  Over 6,000 entire lifetimes in a … Read More

A special trick for avoiding traffic tickets?

I read a short article this morning on the Tampa Tribune website. It posed the question of whether “there is some sort of technique to getting out of traffic citations.”

It caught my eye because it hit on a point I’ve been trying to make for years. Everyone wants to … Read More

$200,000 speeding ticket in Finland. No joke…

Finland assesses speeding fines based partially on how fast you were charged with driving and partially on your income.

An heir to a northern European meatpacking empire was recently charged with doing 50mph in a 25mph zone. In New York, this would be a six point speed and all fines … Read More

Supreme Court weighs in on traffic stop

Is it legal for a police officer to pull over a suspected drunk driver based solely on a caller’s tip?

The Supreme Court recently let stand a Virginia Supreme Court ruling that held a police officer can follow but cannot stop a suspected drunk driver’s car until the officer sees … Read More

Will new technology help prevent speeding tickets?

For as long as there has been speed enforcement, there have been efforts by motorists to use whatever methods were available to avoid speeding tickets.

it probably started with simple conversation between neighbors and friends. “Bill, keep an eye out as you’re approaching exit 12 on the highway because this … Read More

Former Nassau County employee charged with 20 felony counts in ticket fixing scam

A former employee of the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency has been arrested and charged with 20 felony counts for illegally fixing 10 tickets for her daughter and one other relative.

Angela Petty was arrested Tuesday morning by investigators from the Nassau County DA’s office and charged with … Read More

Excessive traffic ticket writing leads to shooting in court

The Fire Chief in Jericho, Arkansas got a traffic ticket.  He told the judge what he thought of the police force that issued the ticket and their speed traps.  The entire police force of seven was there in court to hear what he had to say.

The police response?  They … Read More