Top 5 things to know about Red Lights in New York.

1.   There are no right turns on a red light in NYC.  If there is a sign there specifically stating that such a turn is allowed, then it’s allowed.  Otherwise, it is prohibited in all five boroughs.  “I didn’t know” won’t cut it in court should it come to that.… Read More

New York traffic ticket leads to points, fine and…felony robbery charges.

We know traffic tickets can be damaging. Insurance, fine, surcharges and potential suspension are always concerns and bring hundreds of potential clients to our office each month. Now, in a sudden and unexpected boon to traffic ticket lawyers throughout New York, you can add felony larceny and robbery charges to … Read More

How much will my traffic ticket cost? It depends…

Getting a traffic ticket in New York can be a lot like buying jewelry or antiques.  Unless you have a trained eye, it’s almost impossible to know what to expect to pay.  Drivers should never assume they know what a traffic ticket will cost in fines, surcharges and other penalties Read More

Do women get fewer traffic tickets than men?

No driver or officer can deny the fact that there are inherent differences between men and women.  However, a recent study shows that these differences are unlikely to alter the chances of simply receiving a warning instead of a ticket when pulled over.

At least as far as Wisconsin is … Read More

The wrong way to get Nassau County traffic tickets dismissed

Yesterday the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency fired six employees for fixing more than 100 tickets. News reports didn’t mention that they were actually selling their “fixing” services. It seems the tickets in question were for themselves, friends and family.

The investigation apparently started with an individual who … Read More

Speeding violation of 5 mph over the limit costs one man $224,000.

NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya, who led virtually the entire race this weekend at the Brickyard, was penalized for speeding on his final pit stop.

The speed limit in the pits is 55 mph, but NASCAR gives drivers a 4.99-mph cushion.  Hit 60 mph, and a penalty is imposed.

Montoya … Read More

NY Justice Courts have become key source of state revenue.

I was interviewed last week by Justin Mason of the Schenectady Daily Gazette for an article on how fees, fines and bail forfeitures collected by some of New York State’s 1,262 justice courts are generating hundreds of thousands of dollars for New York State and local municipalities.

Mason, an Associated … Read More

Virgina woman finds way to beat long DMV lines

A Virginia woman drove to her local Department of Motor Vehicles service center in Leesburg this weekend to take care of some basic paperwork related to her car’s title.  She then drove straight into the building.

Some theories as to why she did this:

1.  She was under the impression … Read More

More traffic tickets for drivers of hybrid vehicles

A new study of 360,000 vehicle insurance claims by San Francisco-based Quality Planning Corp has concluded that hybrid drivers get more traffic tickets and get into more accidents than drivers of conventional cars.

This certainly has the potential to force insurance companies to reconsider the discount many major insurers currently … Read More

New York speeding ticket. What if I was justified?

In April of 2007, I drove my wife to the hospital as she was about to deliver our second child.  We left way before anything had progressed too far and with plenty of time to spare (we thought).

Fifteen minutes later I found myself in the middle of a “this … Read More