NYC traffic ticket for unsafe lane change dismissed at the TVB.

We were able to help a client out with an unsafe lane change ticket today.  The charge was dismissed.

My client explained to me he really didn’t think he did anything wrong.  I sympathized with him.  Traffic tickets like this one are sometimes difficult to accept and to adjudicate because … Read More

New York traffic tickets on the rise

We expect numbers statewide to reflect what the numbers in Central NY show for the first part of 2009—an increase in the number of traffic tickets issued.

Speeding tickets are up 30% in 2009 according to ticket information from State Police Troop D, which covers all of Central New York… Read More

NY traffic ticket? Keep your cool every step of the way.

From the time you are pulled over through the very last word uttered at your hearing, it will never pay to lose your temper.

It won’t get you out of the traffic ticket.  it won’t convince the enforcement officer, prosecutor or judge that a big mistake has been made.

Losing … Read More

Speeding tickets deserve careful review based on E-ZPass glitch

A news story circulated a few days ago about an E-ZPass malfunction at a western New York toll booth.  The malfunction caused erroneous E-ZPass “speeding citations”  for about 3,600 motorists who use the electronic toll collection system.

The errors happened at Exit 59 of the NYS Thruway between May 28 … Read More

Avoid traffic tickets, New York, and save your money.

These are tough times and we are all hurting.  Almost every type of business is touched either directly or indirectly.  If your business is one of the few to thrive, you are still left with various investments now worth a fraction of what they once were.

While many families cut … Read More

NYS TVB bond payments for NYC traffic tickets now due next day.

In many Traffic Violation Bureau (TVB) cases, the majority of which are traffic tickets in NYC, the Judge will require payment of a $40 cash bond on a ticket. It’s a refundable deposit and, as long as a motorist shows for court on the next hearing date, it will be … Read More

Proposal to make traffic agents photograph certain NY parking violations.

A bill has been proposed that would make all traffic agents take photographs of certain parking violations.

Of course, NYC parking ticket issuing agencies and other agencies affected are against it.

Councilman James Vacca, who sponsored the bill, said the city was just concerned that it would lose revenue from … Read More

NY traffic violation? Change in state law may mean extra day in court.

City, town and village traffic courts were notified last month that the state Legislature amended New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law to require courts to schedule an extra appearance date for motorists to talk over a plea-bargain with a police officer or prosecutor.

This law is related to the big … Read More

How many points will I get from a NY Speeding Ticket?

Points for a New York Speeding Ticket range from 3 to 11. The number of points put on your NY drivers license depends on how many mph over the limit you were driving–not your actual speed.

Speeding ticket NY points:

3 pts
An unspecified “unreasonable” speed
1-10 over the speed … Read More