Many vehicle owners turning to car insurance fraud during difficult times

Many desperate, financially strapped car owners are intentionally destroying (burning in many cases) or simply dumping their vehicles and then reporting them stolen to cash in on the automobile insurance.

This is known as an owner “give-up”.  Most claims are filed by first-time offenders looking for a quick financial fix.  … Read More

NY Parking Tickets pile up on van with dead man inside

Just read a news item about a man’s decomposing body inside a minivan covered in parking tickets going undiscovered for weeks because the vehicle’s windows were apparently tinted and ticketing officers don’t normally search cars

The body was found in the backseat Wednesday when a city marshal tried to tow … Read More

NYS DMV to double certain fees in July 2009.

Right on the heels of my prior post about a potential for increased tickets and surcharges during these difficult economic times (Hard Times?  Expect more traffic tickets NY), we’ve learned that NY has authorized the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to increase their suspension termination fees (stf) by 100%.  This … Read More

Hard times? Expect more traffic tickets NY.

Last week we read of renewed talk about a $50 surcharge to fund increased and more efficient enforcement in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Click here for the full story.

“If you speed, you’ll get a surcharge and you’ll pay for the people who are protecting you,” Legis. Jack Eddington (WF-Medford) … Read More

Study: More traffic tickets, fewer accidents

It’s always been the same argument.  Our clients are issued traffic tickets in New York and claim that it’s all about revenue generation.  The enforcement and administrative agencies in question respond with a simple “we don’t want to issue traffic summonses or set high fines and surcharges—we just want to … Read More

NMA list of “worst places to drive”

The “summer driving season” is here and officially gets underway Memorial Day weekend.

More vehicles on the road means more potential traffic tickets and more enforcement of the traffic laws.

The National Motorists Association recently ranked the worst places to drive due to what they characterize as unfair traffic laws … Read More

Are there traffic ticket quotas?

A recent news item indicated that the Montreal Police union says it’s true: there’s a traffic ticket quota on the Montreal police force.

Montreal Executive Committee chairman Claude Dauphin, the number-two man at city hall, says it’s news to him.

Dauphin figures Yves Francoeur must be talking about a per-day, … Read More

Younger Drivers and “Click it or Ticket”

Prom, graduation, summer break and the start of the annual “Click it or Ticket” campaign (May 18-31, 2009) means more chances for traffic tickets and other driving and license related issues for young drivers.  In many cases, law enforcement and courts treat young drivers more harshly than more experienced drivers … Read More