NY Adult and Child Seat Belt Laws

NYS VTL § 1229-c  Operation of vehicles with safety belts and safety seats is the section of law which controls.  Here are the basic rules:

Child Safety Seats and Restraints (under 16 years old)

All back seat passengers under the age of four must be restrained in a “specially designed … Read More

New SCPTVA Traffic Court Coming To Suffolk County

Out with the New York State/DMV Traffic Violations Bureau and in with the Suffolk County Parking and Traffic Violations Agency.

If you’re not familiar with traffic tickets in New York and Suffolk in particular, these two agencies probably seem like exactly the same thing with a different name. They’re not.… Read More

Traffic Violations-Speeding in NY and Avoiding the Penalties

Speeding is clearly one of the traffic violations that concern people the most. Speeding tickets often come with the highest point values, have the biggest impact on insurance and can lead to some severe automatic penalties.

This article provides a quick look at some of what’s involved with the typical … Read More

An Officer’s “Roadside Manner” Can Go A Long Way

A lesson in avoiding needless conflict

“Do good, be good, treat people good.”

This is golden rule officer Elton Simmons follows.  It’s the basic tenet behind an impressive run during the past 20 years as a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy:

-Traffic stops: 25,000+

-Complaints lodged against him:  0

A … Read More

Nassau County Traffic Ticket Slowdown

Nearly 10% of the patrol officers who typically issue summonses in Nassau County have engaged in a yearlong slowdown.  Parking and moving violations were down 20% from 2010 to 2011 and are likely down approximately 28% overall by this year’s end.

The decline in summonses is will cost the county … Read More

Apps To Discourage Distracted Driving

AT&T sponsored a legitimate competition to create an app that helps reduce distracted driving and an 11 year old girl beat a field of professional developers to win the $20,000 prize. The money will go towards further development and marketing of the app.

Victoria Walker, a sixth grader, showed a … Read More

Is “I’m Topless” A Valid Excuse For Speeding?

I can only imagine how many different stories and excuses officers hear when they pull someone over for speeding. Here’s a new one.

A woman from Fort McCoy, Florida told an officer the reason she was speeding and the reason she didn’t stop when the the officer attempted to pull … Read More

Really? A Ticket For This?

We don’t fight parking tickets, but I thought this was a great example of the lack of common sense and/or desire to do the right thing that we’ll see from a small percentage of the enforcement officers out there in certain situations.

There seems to have been some kind of … Read More

TVB Default Conviction Hell

NYC traffic tickets can be very expensive but if you fail to handle them in a timely fashion the fines and surcharges due can skyrocket.

Just got off the phone with a very nice woman. She had received two tickets in NYC–one for an 8 point speed and one for … Read More

Why All Aggravated Unlicensed Operation Cases Are Not The Same

I read an article today about a man arrested on drunk driving charges who hasn’t had a valid license since 1979 and who was driving with 23 suspensions on his license when he was stopped on the recent charges.

The story was an excellent example of how some situations involving … Read More