Officers Arraigned In Conjunction With NYPD Traffic Ticket Fixing Scandal

The NYPD traffic ticket fixing scandal that’s been in the news most of this year took another step forward Friday as 16 officers were arraigned on criminal charges in the Bronx in conjunction with the scandal.   Hundreds of officers have found themselves involved in the scandal to some extent.  While … Read More

Traffic Ticket Information And News From Around The Country 2011

Here are some stories of interest pertaining to traffic tickets and driving related issues outside of NY.

October 15, 2011
In 2003, 3,815 aggressive driving violations. In 2010, 23,180. Aggressive Driving On the Rise In Florida

September 18, 2011:
Missouri Child Passenger Safety Week. Aggressive Enforcement Of Child Safety Restraint … Read More

2011 NYC Traffic Tickets Statistics And Analysis

According to the NY Post, an analysis of traffic tickets issued in 2011 by the NYPD has revealed the following:

• Elmhurst has the highest number of speeding tickets issued (2,094)
• Flushing has the highest number of cellphone charges (2,589)
• The East 60s in Manhattan see the largest … Read More

Insufficient Turn Violation: What If My Signal Is Broken?

I am representing a motorist who was pulled over for a two point insufficient turn signal violation.  He came to me with a receipt for repair of a broken turn signal and wanted to argue that this wasn’t a failure to signal (two points) but a mere broken light equipment … Read More

Your Traffic Ticket Is Your Responsibility

Always follow through with your traffic tickets.

I am approached by numerous motorists every day for assistance on various NY traffic tickets and driving related matters.  I spoke with a gentleman recently who made the mistake of not properly handling tickets he received as a result of an auto accident.  … Read More

Know Your TVB Judge: Not Every Hearing Is The Same.

I am often asked, “why should I hire an attorney?”.  My general response is that we know the officers, the judges, and what the officer is required to say in order to meet his or her burden.  Thus, we know when the officer has made a mistake.  An unrepresented motorist … Read More