Red Light Means Stop

So I just got my first red light camera ticket. I saw the video–I deserved it. Nassau County is $65 richer today thanks to me.

Luckily, red light cameral tickets are simply considered parking violations. They are issued against the vehicle and not an individual driving record. I’m not sure … Read More

Old NY Traffic Tickets Found in Greenburgh Town Court

An unbelievable 100,000 unresolved traffic tickets have been found crammed into cabinets at the Greenburgh (Westchester) Town Court.

The moving violations go back as far as 1993. In some cases, the town failed to take certain actions like suspending a driver license, scheduling a trial or sending out fine notices.… Read More

Making an Improper Turn in New York

Many people question why they were given a ticket for an improper turn when there was no signage prohibiting the turn itself.

An improper turn doesn’t have to do whether the turn itself was legally allowed. The violation has to do with how the turn was executed.

Basically, left and … Read More

New York Move Over Law Video

The video is pretty self explanatory.

If you see an emergency vehicle or worker on the side of the road, slow down and mover over a lane when possible.… Read More

Move Over Law In NY. Have You Been Issued A Ticket?

The NY Move Over Law is more than just a symbolic violation to honor Officers Ambrose and Searles for whom the law is named.

It’s a new law that went into effect on Jan 1, 2011 and we are starting to see officers out there for crackdowns specifically on motorists … Read More

NYC Traffic Ticket Fixing Scandal May Get Worse

Murray Weiss of, who seems to be out in front of the news on this ticket fixing scandal, has reported that the whole mess may be getting worse.

The probe all started with recorded conversations and what was heard on thousands of hours of tape goes far beyond just … Read More

Thoughts On Passover Parking Ticket Blitz

Hasidic Williamsburg residents are upset that many of their cars were ticketed and/or towed during the Passover holiday.

One Williamsburg community leader argued that this didn’t make sense and that the ticketing was insensitive to those celebrating the holiday because many were unable to move their cars during the holiday.… Read More

Fixing Traffic Tickets in NYC

Over the last few days there have been multiple news reports about a traffic ticket fixing scandal in NYC. We’ll be following and commenting on this story as it develops. Here is what we know thus far:

  • Two dozen or so Bronx NYPD officers may face criminal charges after a

Read More

Traffic Ticket Quotas? Alive And Well In Los Angeles.

Traffic ticket quotas usually cost the ordinary driver more money. In a twist on that usual theme, theses quotas just cost the city of Los Angeles $4 million dollars.

Two LAPD officers, who set forth that their reputation was affected and their career damaged by refusing to meet certain traffic … Read More