The Issue with PBA Cards in NYC


The City of New York employs the biggest police force in the nation, with nearly 35,000 uniformed officers on the payroll. For better or worse Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to increase that number under his Vision Zero Initiative. While more cops patrolling may cut down on traffic violations, Read More

Free Programs for Veterans in New York


Military veterans volunteered to risk their lives to protect the freedom of those back home. In honor of their service to the United States, there are several programs in New York that offer free benefits to veterans. Here are just a few:

Employment Benefits

  • Civil Service preferences: Qualified

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How Your Junior License Could Get Suspended


Few teen experiences are more exciting than learning how to drive. It’s the first taste of freedom after being driven around by mom and dad for your whole life. In New York, there are a two kinds of licenses you must hold before you can get your full-fledged driver’s Read More

How to Beat a Cell Phone Ticket in NY


New York is very serious about it’s cell phone use driving laws, taking what was a zero point ticket just a few years ago and then raising it to two, then three and finally the current five points on your driving record.   Sometimes it seems that even thinking about Read More

Upcoming DWI Crackdown Dates in NYC


The ultimate goal of the New York Police Department is to ensure the safety and well being of state and city residents. They look for ways to investigate and catch those who have broken the law as well as deter those who may otherwise commit a crime.  One tool Read More

What to Wear to Traffic Court

If you have decided to fight your traffic ticket in New York, you may be appearing in court to plead your case. If you’ve hired an attorney, you won’t need to appear personally but if you are fighting on your own you’ll need to go to court.  If you are Read More

Holiday Travel Safety Tips for NYC

If 2016 mimics 2015, then about 100 million Americans will be traveling for the holidays this year. (However, that number will likely be lower, since gas prices are higher than last year.) Drivers in New York City already know just how awful traffic is on a day-to-day basis. When it’s Read More

The Most Common Traffic Violations for New Drivers

Being a new driver has its ups and downs. It’s exciting to finally be behind the wheel of a car, independently navigating your course. It’s also a bit stressful knowing that you may be faced with situations you aren’t entirely prepared for. As with many things in life, the more Read More

When Does an Infraction Become a Misdemeanor?

When you are issued a traffic ticket for some type of violation, you are accused of committing some type of infraction. These are non-dangerous moving and mechanical violations. In New York, an infraction does not carry the same weight as a criminal offense. Unfortunately, in some instances, the law you Read More