What Happens To My Car Insurance If I Get A Traffic Ticket?

One of the reasons to fight a traffic ticket is the potential for increased insurance rates in the event of a conviction.  While many clients want to know what they can expect to happen to their insurance if they are convicted, unfortunately we can never predict or speak in terms … Read More

Fighting A New York Reckless Driving Ticket

Reckless Driving In NY

We’ve received a number of inquiries recently concerning reckless driving tickets. Here are some thoughts on the NY Reckless Driving law, including how it is enforced and how it typically plays out in court.

What is Reckless Driving?

Reckless Driving is set forth in § 1212 … Read More

New NY Move Over Law Into Effect On January 1 2012


Last year, NY introduced it’s “move over” law to protect police officers and other emergency workers from the dangers of passing vehicles while working roadside (move over law NY).  Now New York’s “move over law” is being expanded as of New Year’s Day to include tow trucks, … Read More

Insufficient Turn Violation: What If My Signal Is Broken?

I am representing a motorist who was pulled over for a two point insufficient turn signal violation.  He came to me with a receipt for repair of a broken turn signal and wanted to argue that this wasn’t a failure to signal (two points) but a mere broken light equipment … Read More

Your Traffic Ticket Is Your Responsibility

Always follow through with your traffic tickets.

I am approached by numerous motorists every day for assistance on various NY traffic tickets and driving related matters.  I spoke with a gentleman recently who made the mistake of not properly handling tickets he received as a result of an auto accident.  … Read More

Know Your TVB Judge: Not Every Hearing Is The Same.

I am often asked, “why should I hire an attorney?”.  My general response is that we know the officers, the judges, and what the officer is required to say in order to meet his or her burden.  Thus, we know when the officer has made a mistake.  An unrepresented motorist … Read More