New York Move Over Law Video

The video is pretty self explanatory.

If you see an emergency vehicle or worker on the side of the road, slow down and mover over a lane when possible.… Read More

Move Over Law In NY. Have You Been Issued A Ticket?

The NY Move Over Law is more than just a symbolic violation to honor Officers Ambrose and Searles for whom the law is named.

It’s a new law that went into effect on Jan 1, 2011 and we are starting to see officers out there for crackdowns specifically on motorists … Read More

Thoughts On Passover Parking Ticket Blitz

Hasidic Williamsburg residents are upset that many of their cars were ticketed and/or towed during the Passover holiday.

One Williamsburg community leader argued that this didn’t make sense and that the ticketing was insensitive to those celebrating the holiday because many were unable to move their cars during the holiday.… Read More

Deciding Whether To Fight A Speeding Ticket

A good place to start when making the decision whether to fight or pay a speeding ticket is looking at the penalties you may face if convicted of speeding.   The worst thing you can do is simply pay a  ticket without any knowledge of the potential consequences.  We see too … Read More

Is Your NY Driver License Suspended?

We get a lot of inquiries from people who have found out one way or another their license or privilege to drive is suspended in New York.  Whether you find out while in the process of renting a car, renewing a driver license in another state, switching auto insurance or … Read More

What NOT to do with your traffic ticket

Clients and potential clients ask us all the time about how to handle a NY traffic ticket, about points on their license, about suspensions, out of state tickets, etc.

If you want advice on how to handle a speeding ticket, NY driver license or any other related issue, feel … Read More