Good excuses will rarely justify speeding

A man in New Hampshire was recently rushing to the hospital with his wife who was on the verge of giving birth.

When he saw a police car behind him trying to pull him over, he didn’t want to stop. He called 911 to let them know why he was … Read More

The traffic ticket “overpayment myth”

I’ve read it various places online and been asked by friends and clients on numerous occasions whether it’s true.

It’s the “overpayment” myth.  And the answer is NO, it is not true.

Here’s a version of it I found from a quick search online:

A police officer confirmed this for

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Mistakes on your NY traffic ticket

Minor mistakes on your traffic ticket are unlikely to merit dismissing the charge.

Consider some of the information on a ticket issued for a moving violation. Your name, date of birth, address, license number, and vehicle make, model, color and plate, etc. A slightly misspelled name or the wrong color … Read More

Is traffic enforcement really all about safety?

It’s not a New York issue, but one particular quote caught my eye recently.

There’s a small controversy surrounding some speeding tickets issued via camera surveillance on a Washington DC roadway. Enforcement officials claim the cameras were put up to protect construction workers in a construction zone where the speed … Read More

Speeding Tickets in NYC

If you drive in NYC, please keep the following in mind:

1.  Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit is 30 mph.  All those local streets that have no speed limit signs are considered “unposted” 30 mph zones.

2.  50 mph is the highest speed limit in NYC.  It’s never 55, Read More

Paying traffic tickets in chronological order?

There was an article posted recently on a Nashville, Tennessee news website about a student who went to pay for a speeding ticket. When he got there, he was told he had 3 outstanding red light camera tickets that he didn’t know about.

Like in NY, the camera tickets and … Read More

Cell phone tickets and texting while driving

YET ANOTHER UPDATE:  As of JUNE, 2013 cell phone violation convictions in NY will result in FIVE (5) points on your license.

OK.  After the third change in less than three years to the NY cell phone driving laws, we’ve just created a new page of information.  Please go to … Read More

Statement of Client Rights

Statement of Client Rights

We feel that anyone who retains an attorney to assist with a legal problem is entitled to a certain level of service. If you work with Feifer & Greenberg you can count on:

1. An honest assessment of your case. We tell you what we believe … Read More