How many points will I get from a NY Speeding Ticket?

Points for a New York Speeding Ticket range from 3 to 11. The number of points put on your NY drivers license depends on how many mph over the limit you were driving–not your actual speed.

Speeding ticket NY points:

3 pts
An unspecified “unreasonable” speed
1-10 over the speed … Read More

Red light ticket at the TVB dismissed

I was recently at the Queens North TVB office to fight a red light ticket for one of our clients. The issuing police officer was present and prepared for trial.

The officer’s testimony was quite detailed. He remembered where it happened, direction of travel, the set up of the intersection … Read More

20 points from one car stop?

This case was in the Barker Town Court in Broome County. Our client was charged with:

  • Failing to stop at a stop sign (3 points)
  • Failing to keep right (3 points)
  • Failing to yield to an emergency vehicle (3 points)
  • Speeding 115mph in a 65mph zone (11 points)

Retention of … Read More