Lexi Jackson Wins TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship


Feifer & Greenberg, LLC is proud to announce that Lexi Jackson has been awarded the TicketHelp Safe Driver Scholarship, worth $1,000. When Lexi was 11, she faced a horror no child should endure: Her father was involved in a near-fatal car wreck. In a fit of road rage, he Read More

What Exactly Is the Textalyzer?


You may have heard about a Breathalyzer. If you haven’t, it’s the machine that law enforcement officers ask suspected drunk drivers to blow into to measure the concentration of alcohol in their body. What exactly, then, is the Textalyzer?

In recent years, close to every state has enacted legislation Read More

Smartphones, Social Apps and Distracted Driving


Smartphones are perhaps the greatest invention of the past 20 years. We have gone from paying a quarter per web page accessed on a flip phone to being able to access all the information in the world with just a few taps of a finger. More than that, we Read More

Liability For Texting While Driving Even If Not Driving

The battle to educate people on the dangers of distracted driving and the steadily increasing penalties for those convicted of texting while driving have been well documented. Not quite as well documented is the potential liability of the “remote” individual on the other end of the text.

On Tuesday, the … Read More

NY Cell Phone Law 5 points As Of June 2013

New NY cell phone law now adds 5 points to your NY license as of June 2013.  New York simply does not want drivers distracted by the use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices while driving and the penalties if convicted of this offense keep getting more severe.… Read More

Memorial Day. Drive Safe.

Hello summer.  Memorial Day is here.

With the Memorial Day holiday, as we see on many holidays, people will travel.  Whether it’s vacation or quick visits to friends and family, major holidays like this one are when the greatest number of people travel from here to there.

The number of … Read More

Cell Phone Use And Other Driving Distractions

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Distracted driving is any activity that diverts a person’s attention away from the task of driving.  Using cell phones and other electronic devices, adjusting various settings for the car or radio or navigation system, eating, drinking, shaving, disciplining your kids in the back…all are … Read More

Apps To Discourage Distracted Driving

AT&T sponsored a legitimate competition to create an app that helps reduce distracted driving and an 11 year old girl beat a field of professional developers to win the $20,000 prize. The money will go towards further development and marketing of the app.

Victoria Walker, a sixth grader, showed a … Read More

Westchester High School Students Attempt Simulated Distracted Driving

A texting-while-driving simulator similar to an old-fashioned video game is being demonstrated at nine Westchester County high schools this week.

The simulator aims to replicate some real world distractions.  These distractions come via the voice of an annoying passenger who fails to wear her own seat belt, asks the driver … Read More