Younger Drivers and “Click it or Ticket”

Prom, graduation, summer break and the start of the annual “Click it or Ticket” campaign (May 18-31, 2009) means more chances for traffic tickets and other driving and license related issues for young drivers.  In many cases, law enforcement and courts treat young drivers more harshly than more experienced drivers … Read More

NY Mets outfielder Angel Pagan has traffic ticket problems

New York Met centerfielder Angel Pagan was recently arrested and it wasn’t for “stealing” a base or “robbing” an opposing player of an extra base hit.

Pagan was arrested in Florida on May 7th after being stopped for speeding on I-95. While checking Pagan’s license the officer learned that he … Read More

Dutchess County Justices dismiss NY State Trooper Tickets

In 2006, New York State Police (the State Troopers) stopped negotiating plea bargains (reducing the severity of the violation charged) with respect to the tickets they issue. The Troopers argue it was a move to prevent allegations of impropriety, favoritism and corruption. Many (myself included) feel it was simply related … Read More