Expert: Body Language Affects Traffic Tickets

We’ve all been there: Getting pulled over on the way to work, flustered and angry. The cop approaches, asking to see your license and registration. Often the first thought is to be terse and even rude to the officer.

Wrong move.

According to body language experts, there are ways to Read More

Spending Money on Window Tints Could Cost You Twice

Whether you are a car enthusiast or simply a vehicle owner who wants to give their old car a new look, you may be thinking about tinting your windows. After all, blacked out windows can look nothing short of stunning on the right car. Before you take your car to Read More

Livingston County Introduces Warning Tickets

As you travel down the open highways and byways of Upstate New York, few things are more aggravating than being pulled over and given a ticket. Suddenly you go from enjoying the countryside to fuming about having to pay a ticket. Though sometimes you may get off with just a Read More

Pa. Man Tries to Pay Ticket with Coins

When you get a traffic ticket, it’s highly unlikely you’ll drive away from the encounter in a good mood. Maybe you formulate a way to fight the ticket — after all, it’s your word against the officer’s, right? Or, perhaps you decide to go ahead and pay it. One man Read More

New Survey Shows Who Gets Out of Tickets

Whenever a pretty lady gets pulled over by the cops in the movies, she always manages to get out of it by flirting a bit and maybe showing a pouty lip. When a man tries the same thing, he gets slapped with a ticket, often to comedic effect. However, a Read More

New Study Shows Gender Discrepancy in Traffic Citations

According to just about every insurance company in America, women are safer drivers than men. That’s why their insurance rates are cheaper, at least up until a certain age. A new study seems to come to the same conclusion. According to data from the New York State Department of Motor Read More

NYC Unposted Speed Limit Lowered from 30 to 25 mph.

The NYC City Council approved a bill on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, that will reduce the maximum speed on most NYC streets to 25 mph from the current 30 mph. The new limit is set to go into effect on November 7.

The new speed limit applies to all streets … Read More

Traffic Violation Enforcement: Further Evidence It’s More About Money

The newly opened Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Bureau (SCTPVA) currently charges an administrative fee on all tickets. While this isn’t necessarily unusual for a court, the SCTPVA is charging a fee even if a motorist is found “not guilty” of a charge and the traffic ticket case is … Read More