Traffic Ticket Quotas? Alive And Well In Los Angeles.

Traffic ticket quotas usually cost the ordinary driver more money. In a twist on that usual theme, theses quotas just cost the city of Los Angeles $4 million dollars.

Two LAPD officers, who set forth that their reputation was affected and their career damaged by refusing to meet certain traffic … Read More

Forget Quotas. What About Traffic Ticket Of The Month?

In Onondaga County, NY 1,280 window tint tickets were issued in March.

This is an unusually high number and is a result of a push by the Onondaga County Traffic Safety Advisory Board to focus on specific traffic violations.

The Board started with tinted windows in March. One officer explained … Read More

Our Top 10 Driving Related Headlines For April 1, 2011

Some items of interest you may have missed if you haven’t been following the news closely this week:

1.  New York State lawmakers, noting that “times are tough and it’s just not right to rely on drivers as a source of revenue” unanimously agree to reduce traffic ticket fines and … Read More

Review Of Driver Licenses and Inspection Of Busses In Wake Of Bronx Bus Tragedy

Efforts have been stepped up to review commercial driver licenses and enforce commercial vehicle violations following the terrible bus crash on I-95 last weekend which resulted in the death of 15 passengers.

Sen. Charles Schumer has called for a crackdown on the discount tour bus companies and is asking the … Read More

Interesting Old Article On The Elks “War Against Ticket-Fixing”

I thought this old article from 1937 was very interesting for two reasons.  First, in contrast to what’s predominant today, we see an organization more concerned with too few tickets written and too many people using whatever means necessary to get out of paying tickets issued to them.  Next, compare … Read More

Staten Island Police Officers Accused of Writing Bogus Traffic Tickets

Two Staten Island Police Offers have been charged with writing dozens of bogus traffic summonses to justify their overtime hours.

At the time an Officer writes a traffic ticket, there are three relevant copies.  One is kept at the Precinct for the police records, one is sent to DMV so … Read More

Car explodes, gets parking ticket

His taxi caught on fire and he ended up with a parking ticket for blocking the road.

During the latest big snowstorm last week, the driver was stuck in the snow.  He gave the car some gas, some more gas and some more gas in an effort to free the … Read More