TVB is getting serious with NYC seat belt and cell phone tickets.

From what we’ve seen lately, it appears that the DMV may be encouraging judges at the TVB to crack down on drivers who continue to ignore seat belt and cell phone laws.

Both violations carry no points. In the past, we routinely told potential and existing clients not to bother … Read More

Beat a NY traffic ticket

It’s the answer everyone wants when they call or email.  How do I beat my traffic ticket?  Here’s my general response:

1.  Consider which court system you are in.  It is either a local NY traffic court, where plea bargaining–a reduction of the original charge–is an option or it’s the … Read More

Sec. 1110(a) Disobey Traffic Control Device in New York.

Many New York traffic tickets are issued for Disobey Traffic Control Device and many people ask us what exactly constitues a “traffic control device”.

§ 153 of the VTL defines a traffic control device as follows:  All signs, signals, markings, and devices not inconsistent with this chapter placed or erected … Read More

NYC truck route violations

New York City has designated certain major roadways “truck routes”.  If you are driving a truck in NYC, you must stay on these truck routes.  A truck can only be operated off truck routes in order to make a local delivery or pick up.

NYC truck routes are primarily relatively … Read More

Route 17 NY speeding tickets

Between 2006 and 2008, 553 tickets were issued for speeding at 100 mph or higher in Orange County, Sullivan County and Ulster County.

Almost half of those were issued on State Route 17.

In comparison, police issued 160 tickets to drivers of 100 mph or more on the Thruway, and … Read More

Top 5 things to know about Red Lights in New York.

1.   There are no right turns on a red light in NYC.  If there is a sign there specifically stating that such a turn is allowed, then it’s allowed.  Otherwise, it is prohibited in all five boroughs.  “I didn’t know” won’t cut it in court should it come to that.… Read More

NYC traffic ticket for unsafe lane change dismissed at the TVB.

We were able to help a client out with an unsafe lane change ticket today.  The charge was dismissed.

My client explained to me he really didn’t think he did anything wrong.  I sympathized with him.  Traffic tickets like this one are sometimes difficult to accept and to adjudicate because … Read More