Congestion Fees in New York? Some Say Yes

traffic jam in city

The Governor of New York has proposed a plan to ease congestion in the city. As part of that plan, people would be required to pay a toll to enter Manhattan in their vehicles below 60th Street. At first thought, the idea seems preposterous. When given time to marinate, however, it is an idea that makes sense to many people.


Traffic in the city is a nightmare that people experience every day. Bumper-to-bumper cars are a headache for commuters and those just trying to get to their destination. By imposing a toll, the Governor believes that more people will opt to carpool or take public transit. When that happens, roads will clear up and the frustration of commuting into the city will ease.


Not everyone believes that the idea is a good one, including the mayor. Bill de Blasio feels that a congestion fee, or toll as the Governor is calling it, is not what the city or its citizens need. That said, a panel of experts are trying to tell urbanites just what the toll would mean:


  • Less congestion on city streets
  • $1.8 billion per year for the transit system
  • An increase in traffic movement
  • Less time spent getting where you are going


A congestion fee may also lead to less frustration due to fewer cars on the road and, in turn, fewer tickets. Until that day comes, we are here for you. If you’ve received a traffic citation in New York and want to fight it, you have that right. Call our office today for a free case evaluation.