How to fight a NYC traffic ticket

If you’ve decided to fight a NYC traffic ticket, you’ll be dealing with the NYS Traffic Violations Bureau (the TVB).  The TVB is a state administrative agency that is part of the NYS DMV and handles the adjudication of traffic tickets (moving violations) issued throughout NYC.

After your ticket is

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What is a NY HOV violation?

What is a NY HOV violation?

On certain highways in NY, specific lanes are designated for HOV or High Occupancy Vehicles only.  This means more than one person in the vehicle at certain times of the day and days of the week.  The one exception to the multiple occupants requirement

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What is Considered “Using” a Cell Phone in NY?

Many people after getting a ticket for using their cell phone while driving will claim that they were not  technically “using” the phone because they weren’t engaged in a conversation or because they were only holding it or moving it or picking it up or something like that.  

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NYC Unposted Speed Limit Lowered from 30 to 25 mph.

The NYC City Council approved a bill on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, that will reduce the maximum speed on most NYC streets to 25 mph from the current 30 mph. The new limit is set to go into effect on November 7.

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Tips, Stats and Consequences of Distracted Driving [Infographic]

Whether you’re yelling at your kids or trying find that perfect song on your iPod, distracted driving is dangerous driving. While most people think drunk driving is the leading cause of death among teens in motor vehicle accidents, texting while driving kills 300 more teens per year, with an additional … Read More

Should You Pay or Fight Your New York Traffic Ticket

Surprisingly, a small percentage of ticketed drivers (around 3-5%) actually contest tickets in court. So, most people are accumulating fees, fines and insurance points that may have been avoided had they decided to fight.

But how do you know if you should just pay the ticket or fight it?

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9 Ways to Avoid Traffic Violations in New York

People usually come to us after they’ve received a traffic ticket. They don’t want the fines, added license points, raised insurance premiums, license suspensions, etc., that might come with it.

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Apps To Help Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is dangerous. No need to say much more on that. Unfortunately, plenty of us still do it. Perhaps it’s a false belief that an accident won’t “happen to me” or some insatiable need to stay informed or connected. Regardless, there’s clearly too much of it on our roads. … Read More

Traffic Violation Enforcement: Further Evidence It’s More About Money

The newly opened Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Bureau (SCTPVA) currently charges an administrative fee on all tickets. While this isn’t necessarily unusual for a court, the SCTPVA is charging a fee even if a motorist is found “not guilty” of a charge and the traffic ticket case is … Read More