Suffolk County SCTPVA New Traffic Court Set To Open April 1, 2013

The new Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violation Agency (SCTPVA) is set to open on April 1, 2013.

Currently, moving violation traffic tickets which will be handled by this court are handled by the Suffolk County TVB. At the TVB, there is no plea bargaining. All challenged tickets proceed to … Read More

Do Police Officers Purposely Issue Bad Traffic Tickets?

I talk to many people each day about a traffic ticket they received. A small percentage of the people I consult with tell me straight up that “they did it”, the “it” being whatever traffic violation they were charged with.

A larger percentage of the people I consult with tell … Read More

Motorists Bear the Brunt of Ticket Fixing Scandals

Last week nine judges were indicted for ticket fixing in Philadelphia’s traffic court. The indictment charges that the judges improperly “fixed” tickets for various friends and relatives of the judges.  The indictment also alleges that the judges made tickets disappear for the politically connected as well as business associates of … Read More

More On Cuomo’s Proposed Restrictions On Speeding Ticket Plea Bargains

Governor Cuomo has included in his 2013-2013 budget a proposal to add additional fees to certain traffic tickets and restrict certain types of speeding tickets on plea bargains.

Typically, the “target” plea bargain is a reduction to a parking violation or other local ordinance.  The “win-win” here is that the … Read More

Gov. Cuomo 2013-2014 Budget Proposal Targets Speeding Tickets

A South Dakota legislator recently tried and failed to attach points to speeding tickets in that state. The measure failed when a majority of legislators deemed the bill unnecessary and overly burdensome on local residents.

This laissez faire attitude toward punishing drivers charged with a speeding ticket is not shared … Read More

Simple Holiday Driving Tips. Avoid The Following

I’ve seen all the year end lists this week. Ten ways to avoid weight gain, to avoid stress, for gift giving, gift getting, ten thing you can do to end your year strong and for making 2013 resolutions.

Here’s our list…what NOT to do while driving during the holidays.

1. … Read More

What Can An NYC Speeding Ticket Lawyer Do?

Expect your speeding ticket in NYC to be handled by the Traffic Violations Bureau.  Due to the no plea bargaining policy at the TVB, many people ask what a NYC speeding ticket lawyer can do to fight a speeding ticket issued in a TVB jurisdiction (NYC, Suffolk, Buffalo, Rochester).


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The Official NYS DMV Driver License Point System

While DMV and many lawyer websites like ours may offer lists showing the varying point values of NY traffic violations, ever wonder where it’s all officially codified by law?

The NYCRR (New York Codes, Rules and Regulations) primarily contains state agency (the DMV, for example) rules and regulations adopted under … Read More

How Long Do Points Stay On Your License In NY

We get a lot of questions concerning NY driver license points.  There seems to be some degree of confusion out there about how the points system in NY works and how it all relates to a driver’s insurance rates.  Here is some basic information:

How long will actual items on

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Asking Officers You Know For Traffic Ticket Favors

At least once a week I’ll hear from a client or prospective client dealing with an open traffic violation that he’s going to reach out through a friend or relative to the police officer who issued him a traffic ticket.

Typically, I have no problem with that.  In most case … Read More