Class-Action Suit Attacking NYC Red Light Cameras

Who likes red light cameras?

Good news if you don’t.  A class action lawsuit has been filed against NYC and it accuses the city of rigging the timing of the light cycles to encourage more violations and thus more fines.

Robert Sinclair, AAA motor club New York spokesperson, says they … Read More

Excuses Which May (Or May Not) Get You Out Of A Traffic Ticket

In a typical month our firm will offer hundreds of consultations on various traffic ticket and traffic violation matters.  No matter the specific violation or location, I’ve found that you can break down traffic ticket recipients into three basic categories:

I did it.

I didn’t do it.

I did it, … Read More

NY Failure To Yield To A Pedestrian

Under the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL), §1151 Failure to yield to a pedestrian, is the most commonly cited section of law pertaining to motorist-pedestrian interaction. In NYC, you may also be cited with §4-04(b) of the NYC Traffic Rules and Regulations.

Both of these contain the same three … Read More

Drowsy Driving Traffic Tickets Coming To NY?

Drowsy Driving.  Lots Of It.

The term “drowsy driving” is relatively new to me.  The concept is not.

I’ve always known what it was.  Who hasn’t had at least a few instances when they were driving and fighting off falling asleep?  Personally, I open the window and try to find … Read More

You Can Beat a TVB Traffic Ticket…And Here’s How

My firm probably offers 10-15 consultations per day concerning issues at the NYS TVB, and just about every person wants to know if it is possible to win a hearing there and, if so, what are the odds it will happen.

The NYS Traffic Violations Bureau is an administrative agency.  … Read More

NY Adult and Child Seat Belt Laws

NYS VTL § 1229-c  Operation of vehicles with safety belts and safety seats is the section of law which controls.  Here are the basic rules:

Child Safety Seats and Restraints (under 16 years old)

All back seat passengers under the age of four must be restrained in a “specially designed … Read More

New SCPTVA Traffic Court Coming To Suffolk County

Out with the New York State/DMV Traffic Violations Bureau and in with the Suffolk County Parking and Traffic Violations Agency.

If you’re not familiar with traffic tickets in New York and Suffolk in particular, these two agencies probably seem like exactly the same thing with a different name. They’re not.… Read More

Traffic Violations-Speeding in NY and Avoiding the Penalties

Speeding is clearly one of the traffic violations that concern people the most. Speeding tickets often come with the highest point values, have the biggest impact on insurance and can lead to some severe automatic penalties.

This article provides a quick look at some of what’s involved with the typical … Read More

An Officer’s “Roadside Manner” Can Go A Long Way

A lesson in avoiding needless conflict

“Do good, be good, treat people good.”

This is golden rule officer Elton Simmons follows.  It’s the basic tenet behind an impressive run during the past 20 years as a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy:

-Traffic stops: 25,000+

-Complaints lodged against him:  0

A … Read More

Nassau County Traffic Ticket Slowdown

Nearly 10% of the patrol officers who typically issue summonses in Nassau County have engaged in a yearlong slowdown.  Parking and moving violations were down 20% from 2010 to 2011 and are likely down approximately 28% overall by this year’s end.

The decline in summonses is will cost the county … Read More