Apps To Discourage Distracted Driving

AT&T sponsored a legitimate competition to create an app that helps reduce distracted driving and an 11 year old girl beat a field of professional developers to win the $20,000 prize. The money will go towards further development and marketing of the app.

Victoria Walker, a sixth grader, showed a … Read More

Is “I’m Topless” A Valid Excuse For Speeding?

I can only imagine how many different stories and excuses officers hear when they pull someone over for speeding. Here’s a new one.

A woman from Fort McCoy, Florida told an officer the reason she was speeding and the reason she didn’t stop when the the officer attempted to pull … Read More

Really? A Ticket For This?

We don’t fight parking tickets, but I thought this was a great example of the lack of common sense and/or desire to do the right thing that we’ll see from a small percentage of the enforcement officers out there in certain situations.

There seems to have been some kind of … Read More

TVB Default Conviction Hell

NYC traffic tickets can be very expensive but if you fail to handle them in a timely fashion the fines and surcharges due can skyrocket.

Just got off the phone with a very nice woman. She had received two tickets in NYC–one for an 8 point speed and one for … Read More

Why All Aggravated Unlicensed Operation Cases Are Not The Same

I read an article today about a man arrested on drunk driving charges who hasn’t had a valid license since 1979 and who was driving with 23 suspensions on his license when he was stopped on the recent charges.

The story was an excellent example of how some situations involving … Read More

Three Speeding Tickets In One Hour. Was Arrest Warranted?

A story has been in the news the last few days about a California woman who was pulled over three times in one hour on the same California roadway.

She was pulled over at 8:10 p.m. for driving her Hyundai SUV 103 miles per hour and then a second time … Read More

Leaving The Scene Of An Accident In New York

If you damage property that belongs to someone else or injure someone while driving your vehicle, you’ll be held accountable for your actions. The potential financial and/or other ramifications of an accident will vary depending on a number of different factors. Traffic tickets, insurance increases, civil law suits, license suspensions, … Read More

What Happens To My Car Insurance If I Get A Traffic Ticket?

One of the reasons to fight a traffic ticket is the potential for increased insurance rates in the event of a conviction.  While many clients want to know what they can expect to happen to their insurance if they are convicted, unfortunately we can never predict or speak in terms … Read More

Fighting A New York Reckless Driving Ticket

Reckless Driving In NY

We’ve received a number of inquiries recently concerning reckless driving tickets. Here are some thoughts on the NY Reckless Driving law, including how it is enforced and how it typically plays out in court.

What is Reckless Driving?

Reckless Driving is set forth in § 1212 … Read More