New NY Move Over Law Into Effect On January 1 2012


Last year, NY introduced it’s “move over” law to protect police officers and other emergency workers from the dangers of passing vehicles while working roadside (move over law NY).  Now New York’s “move over law” is being expanded as of New Year’s Day to include tow trucks, … Read More

MADD Rates Each State On Efforts To Prevent And Punish Drunk Driving

In November 2006, MADD launched their Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving.  For the fifth anniversary of the Campaign, they have released a national report which rates each state on its progress toward eliminating drunk driving.

On average, the nation received three stars (out of 5).  New York is a four … Read More

Westchester High School Students Attempt Simulated Distracted Driving

A texting-while-driving simulator similar to an old-fashioned video game is being demonstrated at nine Westchester County high schools this week.

The simulator aims to replicate some real world distractions.  These distractions come via the voice of an annoying passenger who fails to wear her own seat belt, asks the driver … Read More

Putting Traffic Ticket Fixing And Other Recent NYPD Issues In Perspective

The NYPD traffic ticket fixing scandal continues as 16 officers were arraigned on criminal charges last month in the Bronx. An officer convicted just a few days ago of planting crack on innocent people in Brooklyn. Five Staten Island officers were arrested last month in a federal gun-running sting.

There’s … Read More

Officers Arraigned In Conjunction With NYPD Traffic Ticket Fixing Scandal

The NYPD traffic ticket fixing scandal that’s been in the news most of this year took another step forward Friday as 16 officers were arraigned on criminal charges in the Bronx in conjunction with the scandal.   Hundreds of officers have found themselves involved in the scandal to some extent.  While … Read More

Traffic Ticket Information And News From Around The Country 2011

Here are some stories of interest pertaining to traffic tickets and driving related issues outside of NY.

October 15, 2011
In 2003, 3,815 aggressive driving violations. In 2010, 23,180. Aggressive Driving On the Rise In Florida

September 18, 2011:
Missouri Child Passenger Safety Week. Aggressive Enforcement Of Child Safety Restraint … Read More

2011 NYC Traffic Tickets Statistics And Analysis

According to the NY Post, an analysis of traffic tickets issued in 2011 by the NYPD has revealed the following:

• Elmhurst has the highest number of speeding tickets issued (2,094)
• Flushing has the highest number of cellphone charges (2,589)
• The East 60s in Manhattan see the largest … Read More