Insufficient Turn Violation: What If My Signal Is Broken?

I am representing a motorist who was pulled over for a two point insufficient turn signal violation.  He came to me with a receipt for repair of a broken turn signal and wanted to argue that this wasn’t a failure to signal (two points) but a mere broken light equipment … Read More

Your Traffic Ticket Is Your Responsibility

Always follow through with your traffic tickets.

I am approached by numerous motorists every day for assistance on various NY traffic tickets and driving related matters.  I spoke with a gentleman recently who made the mistake of not properly handling tickets he received as a result of an auto accident.  … Read More

Know Your TVB Judge: Not Every Hearing Is The Same.

I am often asked, “why should I hire an attorney?”.  My general response is that we know the officers, the judges, and what the officer is required to say in order to meet his or her burden.  Thus, we know when the officer has made a mistake.  An unrepresented motorist … Read More

NYC Off Truck Route Ticket Dismissed At the TVB

We were able to get a Driving Off Truck Route ticket dismissed today at the TVB for a commercial driver client of ours.  In NYC, any truck with more than 2 axles and 6 wheels must travel only on a valid truck route and is permitted to drive off the … Read More

NY Traffic Court Profile: Brooklyn North Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB)

The Brooklyn North Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) is a NYS administrative agency (part of the DMV) that handles NYC traffic tickets issued in parts of Brooklyn.  The TVB system overall has a number of courts and handles traffic tickets issued in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx as … Read More

Speeding Tickets In NYC

Speeding tickets in NYC are a little different from speeding tickets issued elsewhere in New York. There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • NYC traffic tickets in general are contested differently than tickets issued elsewhere.  NYC tickets are handled by the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) which is

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NY May Crack Down Further On Texting While Driving

Governor Cuomo plans to introduce a bill to toughen existing laws prohibiting drivers from texting or use of portable electronic devices while driving. The bill closes loopholes and adds stricter penalties for distracted driving, which contributes to more than 10,000 crashes per year in New York state.

Cuomo issued a … Read More