Voluntary Contribution Prompts Closer Look in Missouri

Sometimes a person is issued a traffic ticket and they don’t necessarily disagree with the officer’s charge that a violation was committed.  Nevertheless, in many jurisdictions there are procedures available that enable someone charged with a violation to plead not guilty and potentially negotiate away some or all of the Read More

Safe Cabbies Honored by City

If you’ve ever driven through the pedestrian, traffic sign, construction and congestion laden streets of New York City, you can imagine how hard it must be to drive in NYC for a living and to do so safely.  Despite all the obstacles, TLC license holder William Adebrese has managed quite Read More

Traffic Agent Assaulted by Angry Boyfriend

A man was charged with assault and harassment on a uniformed traffic agent in Port Richmond on October 4. The attack was made because the man was angry over the agent issuing the man’s girlfriend a ticket.


According to reports, the 27-year-old man looked for the ticket agent after Read More

Don’t be Tempted by the Fake Placard

During the first week of October 2017, 30 people were arrested and charged with using fake placards in order to be able to park in special zones within New York City.


According to prosecutors, approximately half of those charged created, laminated and used placards stating that they were part Read More

Speeding Ticket Makes Its Way to Iowa Supreme Court

It’s rare for the highest court in any state to review matters involving a $75 dispute but that’s exactly what has happened in Iowa where a traffic infraction matter has moved through the judicial system all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court.


A woman received a speeding ticket Read More

Delivery Professionals Risking Traffic Tickets to Earn a Living

Move through any major city and you are likely to encounter at least one bike messenger. These people are often in business for themselves, pedaling deliveries from business to business. These men and women can ride nearly 50 miles a day in a business where speed equals money.  

Independent delivery Read More