Brooklyn Is Your Best Chance to Not Get a Ticket

It’s not unusual for drivers to slow down when they know speed traps or cameras are present on a certain stretch of roadway. Likewise, it is not unusual for people to drive just a bit faster when they know they can get away with it. Though not recommended, citizens are Read More

Police Chief Punished for Ticket Dismissal

Every job has its perks. People in veterinary offices may receive free or discounted care for their pets. Teachers get discounts at a variety of stores simply by showing their ID. Police officers may get treated differently at traffic stops because of their badge. But wait. Should they?

If you Read More

Most Costly Citation Ever Issued in Rhode Island

People tend to be frustrated when they are pulled over by the police. The thought of taking a few hundred dollar hit to the bank account can be stressful. Imagine if your ticket wasn’t a few hundred dollars, or even a few thousand, but $57,000. That is exactly what a Read More

School Zone Sign Too Wordy, Says Judge

A judge in Seattle has tossed a camera-generated ticket for a second time due to the same issue: School-zone signs in the city are too wordy.

According to reports, a man received a camera-generated speeding ticket in May 2016. The ticket said the man was driving 28 mph in the Read More