Toys for traffic tickets program discontinued

A New Haven, Connecticut Superior Court program that allowed people to get out of minor traffic tickets by donating a toy to charity won’t be continued next year.

The program was reviewed and the decision to end it made after one resident questioned whether the program was unfairly coercing ticket … Read More

Pay people to NOT speed?

In January, a man named Kevin Richardson won Volkswagen’s The Fun Theory, a contest for ideas to make obeying speed-limits fun. Now, less than a year later, his entry is in use in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kevin’s idea is very simple.  Record vehicles that enter enforcement zones at or under … Read More

The traffic ticket “overpayment myth”

I’ve read it various places online and been asked by friends and clients on numerous occasions whether it’s true.

It’s the “overpayment” myth.  And the answer is NO, it is not true.

Here’s a version of it I found from a quick search online:

A police officer confirmed this for

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More red light cameras and higher traffic ticket fees for Nassau County?

Just a heads up Long Island..

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano was in Albany recently to lobby for financial help for the county.

He met with lawmakers twice, as recently as Dec 7, to discuss ways to increase county revenue.

Included in that conversation was the possibility of more red … Read More

A traffic ticket “holiday” in Sacramento

Dozens of motorists are getting traffic tickets dismissed in the Sacramento, California area just for fighting.

There’s a dispute between the District Attorney’s Office and the Sacramento, Elk Grove and Folsom police departments over who’s going to pay for the prosecutor’s traffic court services.

Officers are just not showing up … Read More

Mistakes on your NY traffic ticket

Minor mistakes on your traffic ticket are unlikely to merit dismissing the charge.

Consider some of the information on a ticket issued for a moving violation. Your name, date of birth, address, license number, and vehicle make, model, color and plate, etc. A slightly misspelled name or the wrong color … Read More

Is traffic enforcement really all about safety?

It’s not a New York issue, but one particular quote caught my eye recently.

There’s a small controversy surrounding some speeding tickets issued via camera surveillance on a Washington DC roadway. Enforcement officials claim the cameras were put up to protect construction workers in a construction zone where the speed … Read More

Speeding Tickets in NYC

If you drive in NYC, please keep the following in mind:

1.  Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit is 30 mph.  All those local streets that have no speed limit signs are considered “unposted” 30 mph zones.

2.  50 mph is the highest speed limit in NYC.  It’s never 55, Read More

Paying traffic tickets in chronological order?

There was an article posted recently on a Nashville, Tennessee news website about a student who went to pay for a speeding ticket. When he got there, he was told he had 3 outstanding red light camera tickets that he didn’t know about.

Like in NY, the camera tickets and … Read More