Rockland County speeding tickets on Route 304

Speeding tickets are up along Route 304 in Clarkstown.  Watch your speed…particularly where the speed limit dips to 35 MPH in the New City – Bardonia area.

Why is this noteworthy?

One, it’s a good example of how the speed limit can vary on a single roadway.  Sections of Route … Read More

Doctor gets a flashing red light ticket in NYC and claims medical emergency.

When is a medical emergency enough of a situation to excuse disobeying a NYC flashing red light?

Unless you are driving an emergency vehicle, disobeying an flashing red light–and almost all other New York moving violations–is unlikely to be justified based on a medical emergency.

Dr. Herz is a medical … Read More

Buffalo ticket war

I have a feeling this story will make people happy.

City parking enforcement officers in Buffalo, NY (Erie County), who issue the orange- colored parking tickets we all hate to see when we get back to our parked car, have themselves been issued numerous New York traffic tickets recently.

Buffalo … Read More

Sec. 1110(a) Disobey Traffic Control Device in New York.

Many New York traffic tickets are issued for Disobey Traffic Control Device and many people ask us what exactly constitues a “traffic control device”.

§ 153 of the VTL defines a traffic control device as follows:  All signs, signals, markings, and devices not inconsistent with this chapter placed or erected … Read More

NY speeding tickets issued from space?

Coming soon…speed enforcement from space?

The UK is currently testing new technology that combines GPS from satellite with ground-based license plate reading.

Camera’s on the ground can read plate numbers in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, are “low-cost” and are relatively easy to install.  GPS can then track … Read More

New York City taxi drivers should lay low

Taxi driver’s in NYC are sometimes unfairly targeted for tickets.  It’s not that they don’t commit their share of moving violations–it’s more that they tend to get singled out as easy targets on streets where many drivers, taxi or other, are committing the same violations.

Driving a cab in New … Read More

NYC truck route violations

New York City has designated certain major roadways “truck routes”.  If you are driving a truck in NYC, you must stay on these truck routes.  A truck can only be operated off truck routes in order to make a local delivery or pick up.

NYC truck routes are primarily relatively … Read More

Always proceed with EXTREME caution at the TVB

After dealing with an issue yesterday, we thought it was worth a quick reminder.  If you have a traffic ticket answerable to the TVB (mostly NYC traffic tickets, also includes Suffolk County, Buffalo and Rochester) be very careful how you handle it.

The Administrative Law Judges in the TVB have … Read More

NYS “Share the Road” message slightly childish

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the promotional video for New York’s “Be Smart.  Share the Road” campaign:

I’m all for quality public service announcements.

However, of all the issues we face on the road, from traffic and congestion to drunk, tired or otherwise distracted driving, do we really … Read More

New York driver license points FAQ

A couple of quick answers to questions we’ve recently been asked concerning NY license points and your driving record.

Q:  Will the points and violation “come off” my record after 18 months?

A:  Yes and no–depends on what you mean by “come off”.  No they won’t “come off” because evidence … Read More